Michael Lofthouse is the founder of Solid8. He was the CEO of Solid8. The worth of the solid8 and Michael Lofthouse’s net worth is an attractive high. If you keep attentive yourself to the actions worldwide, then you must know about Michael Lofthouse, who has been in the news for his racist comments. Michael Lofthouse is a British occupational and organizer of a tech giant, Service, Solid8. He is an ironic businessman with a luxurious lifestyle. 

Michael Lofthouse’s Early Life 

Lofthouse immigrated to the United States in 2010, initially living in New York City. He completed his graduation from Newcastle Business School in 2005. His LinkedIn page is deleted now. His Twitter page has been suspended due to a ruin of Twitter’s rules. 

According to his Facebook profile info, he lives in San Francisco. Available records indicate that Solid8, a tech referring company, was founded in the Bay Area. 

Michael Lofthouse Livelihood 

Later studying solid8 CEO Michael Lofthouse’s media news, people know particular facts about his life. From the start of his career in England, he worked for different mega tech companies similar to IMB and HP. When he went to America for his career improvement, he worked as a salesman in other businesses. 

He helped some of the supposed companies in America from a post of salesmen. Based on knowledge and skill, he got great value in his career when he became the CEO of a cloud technology-based company named Solid8. Solid8 has on its peak of success under his organization and prolonged its trade worldwide. 

The Net Worth of the CEO of Solid8 

Many expectations are moving on social media about the net worth of Michael Lofthouse, but the reality about this information cannot be proved. So we are unable to share the exact figures of his net worth but journalists, after venturing into Lofthouse’s LinkedIn profile and income report of his net worth, are pretty satisfied in the Tech world earning as a CEO. 

Michael Lofthouse Relationships

Michael Lofthouse has been seen many times with several ladies, but people cannot confirm his relationship. So there is no approval about Michael Lofthouse’s girlfriends and his families, but he is still unmarried.

Michael’s Famous Racist Comment 

On July 4, 2020, Michael got famed for his racist comments on an Asian family at a restaurant. He shouted at an Asian family. Someone shot the video of his act and then went viral on social media; that’s why he resigned from his CEO Post and apologized publicly for his racist remarks. 

Requests for Racism 

After his racist remarks in America, discussions started about that incident. People started talking about the viral video of Lofthouse, his LinkedIn profile, and his solid8 brand image. People began a request on change.org for the resignation of Lofthouse and took overcome of 23,000 total signs in support. Because of a lot of pressure of public anger, he gave resignation from the CEO post at solid8. 


Michael Lofthouse is the CEO of solid8. For the past few months, he was in the news about his racist disgraces over Asian people. The financial worth of the solid8 and Tech CEO Michael Lofthouse’s net worth both have seen a severe hollow after the disagreement. Also read about SAMUEL L JACKSON.

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