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Your Updated List of Ideal Themes for Your Corporate Event


Hosting an event can be nerve-wracking, to say the least. If you have ever been in charge of planning an event for your company, then you know that a lot is at stake – and the event’s success (or failure!) falls on your shoulders. It’s a big responsibility, but one way to make it easier to bear (and to plan) is to have an event theme. No, it’s not just for kids – it’s for adults too, and it’s a great way to organise everything because it already centres around the theme you choose and the attendees have something to be extra excited about, especially if everyone has to come in costume! But what theme should you opt for? There are many out there, but here’s your updated list of ideal themes for your corporate event.

  • A white event

When selecting a theme, you must consider your audience – what would sit well with them? This is a theme that everyone could appreciate – and people will also find it easier to dress up for it. For this theme, everyone will wear white from top to bottom. Their clothes to their shoes, and accessories must be white. It is a sophisticated and classy theme which everyone can easily follow, and it’s a theme that’s suitable for almost any occasion.

  • A casino theme

For themes that are expressly for adults, why not choose a casino night theme? The significant aspect of this theme is that it presents you with many options and things to do, whether having a poker tournament or blackjack tables to having a few slots spread throughout your venue. The best part is arguably the dressing up – who doesn’t want to dress up as a high roller for once in their lives? You can also add more fun to the event by hiring some side stalls and games for when the guests are tired of trying their luck at the casino games and would like to try their luck at something more fun, like coconut shy or hook a duck – and it’s easy to hire a side stall or two from providers like https://www.wearetricycle.co.uk/.

  • Unleash your inner pop star theme

Another theme sure to be a hit with everyone is the ‘unleash your inner pop star’ theme. It’s just what its name implies – it’s a party where everyone can dress up as their favourite pop star – and you can tell each guest to choose the pop star they will dress up as so you can avoid confusion! Of course, it follows that the music is pop music. You can opt for bright neon signs and colours to accentuate the venue. Alternatively, you can have a rock star theme, which works just as well!

  • A cocktail party theme

This kind of event has obviously been held before, but it’s still as popular today as it was in the past. Perhaps one reason for its popularity is the drinks, but it’s perfect for an evening affair, and attendees can dress up in more formal cocktail attire. If your office likes wearing casual getups like jumpers and jeans, it’s the perfect opportunity for you and your colleagues to dress up for a change! You can add an extra touch to make the event more memorable – choose a signature cocktail. Better yet, have a mixology class and choose the best-tasting cocktail for the night.



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