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The Vikings: Bold Warriors with a Passion for Jewelry

viking jewelry
viking jewelry

The Vikings were formidable Scandinavian warriors who ruled the seas and prospered from the 8th to the 11th centuries. The Vikings were more than formidable warriors; They were also farmers. One cool thing about them is that both guys and girls rock some seriously stylish bling. Imagine their world, perhaps too dark and difficult but jazzed up with shiny jewelry that added a little beauty. 

But here’s the truth: this Norse viking jewelry wasn’t just for looks. They had another secret purpose – they used it as currency in trade! Talk about versatile bling! When the Vikings needed to buy something, they used their precious metal jewelry as cash. If a piece was too big for the deal, no worries! They just broke it up into smaller chunks to fit the plot. It looks like they had their antique version of wallets.

Not all their bling is made of metal; They also rocked some beautiful stuff made of flowers and jewels. Fancy, right? But here’s an interesting tidbit – although they were knowledgeable, the Vikings didn’t use stones much in their jewelry. Unlike other cultures before them, they had their own unique style!

Viking Necklaces and Neck-Rings

The FaithHeart Jewelry have skilled artisans in the manufacture of necklaces and neck rings. They use various materials like silver, gold, natural fibres, metals and wires. But what made this necklace so special were the suspension straps. You’ll find crystal beads, precious stones, resins, amber from the Baltic Sea, and beautiful bits of metal all hanging down! 

The pendants weren’t just for display; They meant a lot to the Vikings. It could be souvenirs, gifts, or symbols associated with their Norse religion. Glass wrapping was all the rage back then, mass-produced only for Viking necklaces!

Viking Amulets and Pendants 

Pendants, jewelry assorted by Viking Bling! They had all kinds of pendants, including images from Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer), Walknut, and Yggdrasil. The Thor hammer was a superstar – everyone seemed to love wearing it! There were also cool little weapons like bows and arrows. There was a perforated coin, a tree of life, a cross and a Walknut symbol.

But interestingly, very few of these pendants were found in Viking graves, suggesting that they were not that common. Even in the pagan world of the Vikings, some people became curious about Christianity. Missionaries tried to convert them, and a few Vikings embraced this new belief system.

Some Vikings might wear little crosses as a hybrid of their old and new beliefs. But don’t be fooled – crosses were extremely rare in Viking explorations, meaning only a handful converted to Christianity.

Viking Beads 

These cool Viking ornaments were usually made of amber or crystal and were often added to necklaces during the day. While beads are now ubiquitous and not too expensive, the Vikings had a different style. 

Archaeological evidence suggests that this bead was rare and not worn by many Vikings. It’s pretty amazing. 

Most Viking bead necklaces had only one, two or three beads. Sometimes they were matched with pendants such as Thor’s hammer, the famous Mjolnir. 

Finding a necklace with more than three strands was like striking gold! It was rare, meaning the person wearing it was probably very wealthy and had a high status in Viking society. 

Those weren’t just beads- they symbolized wealth and importance!

Here is a fun fact about Viking beads! You know, they didn’t use beads like we do now. Archaeologists have found that most Viking necklaces contain only 1 to 3 beads. It’s pretty cool.

These gems meant more than just money and status. They can refer to something specific, such as their accomplishments or perhaps even a particular age. Tell your story and put it on your necklace! Most of these beads were made of glass – Vikings loved them! However, other excellent materials, such as jet and amber, were occasionally used, although those were a bit stronger.

Viking Brooches 

Brooches were a big deal in their culture! These beauties were like everyday superheroes, keeping clothes in place. There were two basic styles: penannular and oval brooches.

Penannular brooches were Viking jewelry for men, inspired and initiated by the Scots and Irish. The trend was later caught up in Russia and Scandinavia.

The Vikings wore these brooches over their right shoulder with the pin-up to keep their sword hands free and ready for action! 

On the other hand, Viking women loved rocking round brooches. These were more elaborate and elegant, perfect for dresses, aprons and ties. A circular brooch over the shoulder held the dress together, and sometimes colourful beaded chains were added for added elegance.

But here’s a cool twist – as time passed, oval brooches dating back to 1000 AD. A stylized and decorative brooch replaced it. Fashion is constantly changing, right?

Viking Rings

Viking Rings – Like many other cultures, they’ve been a hit! Vikings loved to wear rings on their fingers, and many were found in Viking graves. These rings had a peculiar shape – they were often opened, and the width was impressive. This clever design allowed them to be worn on different size fingers without any problems. So, whether they had big or small fingers, these rings covered them!

But finger rings only became very popular among the Vikings later in the Viking Age. It’s like they found this awesome trend and couldn’t get enough! The Vikings definitely knew how to keep up with fashion!

Viking Earrings

Earrings were really rare in Viking times. They weren’t common in their jewelry world until they were found in hoards together with other bling. But when the Vikings wore earrings, they had a different style. Instead of hanging from the ear like we do today, their earrings covered the entire ear! 

Historians believe Viking earrings may be of Slavic origin, not the Norse. They have been encouraged and appropriated by other cultures. Vikings were always full of surprises!

Viking Jewelry: The smart way!

The Vikings were handsome and sparkled with their precious metal jewelry. But their bling was more than pretty; It had a very incredible secret power!

Like many other cultures, Viking jewelry wasn’t just for show. It also doubled as cash, like having cash in a wallet or purse. How clever is that?

So, the next time you think of the Vikings as cruel villains, remember that they were just as organized, genuinely sophisticated, and richly cultured as many other peoples of their time.

Vikings were full of quirks and fashion with a purpose!



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