Ray McElrathbey is a football player in America. His nickname is Ray. Many people love him a lot and are big fans of him. He is very keen to keep pets, and he loves these pets a lot. Mostly, he has shared various facts about his life on Instagram. Recently he has shared his story about his life by the name of “This can’t be life!” on the Disney and Safety Film. He has also joined and made the profile on the New York Times and ESPN.

If you have some queries and want to know further enough about the life of Ray McElrathbey, then you should read the remaining article!

1. Early Life of Ray McElrathbey

He came into this world in Atlanta, and his date of birth is 26 September 1986. Now he lives in America, and he has the permanent nationality of America. His father spent more money on betting in gambling games, and his mother was severely involved in drugs, and they faced a financial crisis.

Due to the dire situation of his household in 2006, when he was petite and studying in college, then the famous football player Clemson took his brother who’s name is Fahmrr McElrathbey, along with him. Now the age of his brother is twenty-five years. Ray, at age 19 years, took back his brother to his house in Atlanta. For providing food to his brother, he stole food daily from the restaurants. Then Larry Williams told the whole world about the life of Ray McElrathbey.

2. ESPN Published His Life Story

Then ESPN inspired a lot from the story of his life and published his report, and soon every show started to invite these brothers to the country, and after this, they became very famous in their country.

3. Weight and Height of Ray McElrathbey

He is a tall man with six feet and three inches, and his weight is sixty-three Kilograms. He takes care of his health and always remains fit.

4. Ray McElrathbey Wife and Children

He was married to lovely and gorgeous women very secretly, and no one knows about Ray McElrathbey wife because he does not tell much more about his wife to other people on social media. He is blessed with three kids and lives in Los Angeles with his wife and children. But to meet his brother, he often goes to Atlanta.

5. The Career of Ray McElrathbey

Many schools offered him to study, but he preferred Clemson over other high ranking schools. Now he is a football player, and he plays for the Clemson Tigers.

6. Ray McElrathbey Net Income

He is a man of great worth, and he earns a lot of money every day through social media sources, but no one knows about his exact income. So, his estimated net income is approximate 2$ million. Also read more about Michael Lofthouse A Successful British Businessman.


Ray McElrathbey is a famous football player. He lives life in low-income family conditions and is deprived of many facilities. But he did not lose courage, and instead of this, he took care of his siblings. I hope that this article helps you a lot to know much more about the life of Ray McElrathbey.


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