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Jewelry Myths And Symbolism

spiritual jewelry
spiritual jewelry

The thought process we have and the way we behave is an outcome of old beliefs and heritage. Think about anything around you, there is a superstition about it. No matter if it is something you do or something you wear. And sadly, the majority of people easily believe in these things.

There is a wide variety of myths and superstitions in this world. Different cultures have different sorts of myths about spiritual jewelry. Some people wear certain kinds of jewelry to entice good luck and ward off any evil eye or spirits.

For example, the sage jewel is popular for spiritual purposes. On the contrary, some people do not like to wear these jewels. They fear that it might attract any negative energy. In this article, we have listed down a few of the most popular jewels that connect with some sort of myth.

Wedding Ring

There is a myth in some cultures that wedding rings can predict the gender of babies by rotating them on the belly of the pregnant woman. Furthermore, there is a superstition that you should not wear anyone else’s wedding ring. They think that it will bring bad fortune to married people.

Additionally, if the wedding ring consists of three types of metals, the couple will always have love and affection.

Opals And Their Dual Nature

According to some beliefs, Opals have a lucky and unlucky nature. Though, due to its beauty, it attracts everyone to wear it. They show a wide range of colors and iridescence.

Besides, many people avoid wearing Opals. Some people think it brings bad luck for engaged or married people. Alternatively, it works in favor of people who have their birthdays in October.

Therefore, Opals are one of the contradictory pieces of the jewel when we talk about myths.

Pearls And Weddings

Here is one more superstition related to weddings. If you wear pearls on your wedding day, it might be the reason for your bad fortune in the future. The reason for this myth is that the shape of the pearls resembles a tear.

Therefore, if the bride wears it on her big day, tears might surround her for life.

Contrarily, other cultures think that it is the perfect jewel for the bride.

The background of this myth is the ancient Greeks associated wearing pearls to love and affection. They make their brides wear the pearls on their wedding day to keep them away from tears.


After reading this article, you might have got an understanding of the connection between myths and certain spiritual jewelry. Myths and superstitions come in all types. Though, you should never hesitate in wearing any of these gems and jewels.

These things will have the power to control you, only if you allow them. Hence, you should ignore all the myths about these jewels, and do what you like for yourself. Put all your worries aside and shop the best collection of jewelry from online store.



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