Why Worker’s Rights Are Receiving More Attention in 2022

Worker’s rights cover a spectrum of human rights ranging from the freedom of association to the right to decent work, protection against discrimination, and equal opportunity. Among the rights associated with the workplace are safety and health in the workplace and privacy rights. Human rights and business often meet on worker’s rights.

As the pandemic goes on, HR professionals are developing strategies and often re-strategize to maintain the balance in their companies and secure balance even in the future. Many of those strategies might be focused on the practicalities of remote and hybrid work, but business experts advise HR professionals to make sure to develop all those initiatives based on the changing employee expectations.

Employees are becoming more vocal

For years, companies have been encouraging employees to be open about their thoughts. Recently, this culture is becoming more and more prevalent in workplaces with a huge push from the pandemic. The changes imposed by the present health predicament have influenced how employees freely express the type of culture they would want to have in their workplace. Business leaders will give more attention to addressing the issue this year 2022.

Employees are demanding more flexibility

Most employees are demanding flexibility. In fact, 78 percent of the workforce want their flexible working schedule to last even after the pandemic finally ends. For this reason, companies should address them by first including them in their HR strategy this year. Industries have noticed the rise of this trend, which indicates a huge percentage of workers are demanding flexibility within their working hours and more freedom in the workplace.

Companies prioritizing employee experience

In 2022, employers are expected to develop a work environment where employees want to be. The key to doing so is to focus on employee experience and implement a people-centric culture.

While executives have become more comfortable discussing employee experience in recent years, they didn’t expect the rise of employee power. The turbulence experienced by employees leads them to have a different mindset. Aside from worker protection such as general contractor insurance, workers now demand other things. This type of insurance manages risks, protects both employers and employees, and has policies that suit your business needs.

Can companies enhance employee experience?

Since different industries are also undergoing changes and are facing issues due to the pandemic, most of their focus is on making the company survive. Companies are also addressing concerns such as what tools should be given to employees for work, where employees can work, and how leaders become coaches instead of supervisors.

Today, only 48 percent of big organizations have programs focused on employee experience. Since more executives see their quit rates increase month after month, the said number is expected to rise to 65 percent. It is especially true that 60 percent of employees emphasize that well-being determines whether they stay with the company or not.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, companies are completely aware of their employees’ demands all along. While a significant number of executives are making an effort to address concerns in their workers’ rights, the capacity of their companies to do so doesn’t make things go their way. They still have to work on significant issues to their company’s survival. Meanwhile, companies who want to retain talent and reduce their quit rates will listen and respond to their employees’ needs.


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