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Best movies to watch when you are feeling lonely

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When you feel alone, even though everyone around you seems happy, you want to be part of a group and share something. This is called loneliness and it’s very common, especially when you are new at a place or working from home. There are many good movies out there. Some of these offer excellent entertainment value for a variety of reasons. They may capture your attention because their storyline is compelling or surprising. Others are simply fun to watch because of their humour or special effects. Let’s see in the article below some of the movies you can watch when you are feeling lonely.

The Princess Bride

This movie has many aspects that make it so enjoyable: comedy, gambling360 online casino america romance, adventure, fantasy and much more. It follows the story of the famous novel by William Goldman titled “The Princess Bride” about how he went with his friends to take revenge against an evil villain named Vizzini who stole Westley’s girlfriend Buttercup and captured them as prisoners of war on a remote island where Vizzini lives. In this adventure, they must fight with a giant billy club, and find another way to escape and defeat the enemy.

Big Fish

In the beginning, we meet one man who is having problems in his life. His children have left him, all of his money was stolen and he doesn’t know why. He thinks only about himself and doesn’t care about others. So he decides to go to a secluded area in the river to think things over again. And his thoughts lead him to believe that everything he has been doing is wrong. That night he meets someone who helps him solve those problems and get back what he lost. He realizes he needs help, but he never thought he would get it from a child…

Home Alone (1990)

In this classic kids’ film, Kevin McCallister, eight years old, wants to spend Christmas with his family. However, his wife and two daughters leave him behind, when they travel to Florida to visit their father. At home, he stays up late to play video games and watches TV, instead of going outside and enjoying time outdoors in the fresh air. After not seeing or talking to anyone for several days, Kevin learns there is no Santa Claus — and that his house is being robbed every day! His mother calls the police, who arrest the robbers. But they decide Kevin should stay in his neighbourhood since he is too young and helpless to leave until his parents come back. Kevin becomes bored and starts exploring his upstairs neighbours’, Timmy Turner and Janie Jones’ houses. There he discovers a secret passage and accidentally enters their closet. Kevin finds a bunch of toys, including a helicopter and aeroplane, and eventually goes downstairs to borrow Mr Turner’s car.

In conclusion, if you’re alone and feel lonely at home, then watch one of these movies and you will feel better very soon. Also, watch best australian online casino based movies to learn new tricks.



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