What is an LTO token? Is it a good investment for you?

The majority of people in the crypto world have never heard of an LTO. If you’re wondering what an LTO token is, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain you everything about LTO tokens and help you determine if they are a good investment for you.

Background of LTO Network and LTO token

Under LegalThings, LTO Network was founded in 2014 as a Contract Live Cycle Platform that allowed users to develop, exchange, and sign contracts digitally. In a hackathon organized by the Dutch Ministry of Justice, Litecoin had showcased this speciality product and how an entire law could be uploaded on a blockchain. Litecoin won the event and was also sanctioned to build the first Dutch digitized law on a blockchain.

The LTO Network has been used by the Dutch government and other larger bodies in a partnership due to its uniqueness in providing a pre-built blockchain. This blockchain can be used to onboard the business processes immediately without doing each process separately. LTO Network uses a decentralized system to promote collaboration and verification of digital assets. The Network currently has more than 1.2 million users.

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Background of the company

The LTO token was established by Arnold Davis, Rick Schmitz, and Martijn Migchelsen in 2014. The headquarters of the company is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The trio discovered that workflow management was a significant issue in any organization, and they attempted to bridge the gap by using the cutting-edge technology of blockchain.

The LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain platform for developing applications that are used for the secure, verifiable exchange of corporate information, However, because this is a competitive market, there are many similar platforms. LTO is unusual in the way it successfully integrates cryptocurrencies into its work. The LTO Network achieves it in the following way:

  • To access key functions of the LTO Network, it is to be paid using LTO tokens. But it also gives the option to swap the tokens with three other kinds: ERC20, BEP2, and BEP20.
  • Partners of the LTO Network can earn rewards by participating in leased Proof-of-Stake nodes.
  • Binance and Uniswap list LTO coins for exchange.
  • The token supply, flow and incentives can be managed using the token management approach.

Why is the LTO coin a good investment?

The LTO network and coin provides some very strong points in their favour to give investors confidence in the project. Some reasons are:

  • It is a real project. As many crypto coins are currencies used to start projects and can sometimes lead to projects never even being started, LTO is already a project.
  • It is the largest blockchain in Europe and has huge adaptability in the European markets.
  • It only partners with the Dutch government, but also IBM.
  • The transactions and usage of the platform is a day to day need that has increased its adoption substantially.
  • The coin is listed on Binance, and Uniswap has been introduced to newer markets, which means more potential for growth.
  • The market capital of the coin is on the lower side even though it’s a working project.
  • In addition, the coin is limited in supply. So, investors will gain money no matter if the price is rising too much. The price is deflationary.


It can be safely assumed that this is a good investment for the present and the future, too, in the long run. If this article inspired you, you could use the crypto aggregator right now to swap some of your coins for LTO since it’s better late than never.


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