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Personalised Funeral Service Ideas to Consider

Funeral Service
Funeral Service

Death is a part of life, and people have learned to accept it. Funerals bring people together and showcase the departed’s life and are an occasion where people will condole the surviving family members about their loss. Funeral services are bound to be emotional, and people must remember that there are certain traditions that the community expects.

However, it doesn’t mean that funerals follow a strict sequence of events. Families are more open to personalising the funeral to highlight the dearly departed’s life. While they may be grieving, they can depend on the professional funeral directors Leeds and their personnel to assist them in ironing out the service’s details. They can put together a funeral wake that will be memorable for all attendees. They have extensive experience taking care of various concerns efficiently.

Here are some personalised funeral ervice ideas to think about. 

Picture wall

While the funeral service may be pretty solemn, placing a picture wall detailing the life and times of the departed will help people know more about the person they’re paying their last respects. Families can arrange photographs chronologically so people can get a glimpse of the exciting life of the deceased. They can even place them on the casket. It will also be a great conversation starter, and people will relate to certain photos and events.

Colourful flower arrangements 

Although people expect to see white flowers as part of the funeral, nowadays, families are more open to using colourful flowers as part of the setup. However, it will be more meaningful if the family uses flowers that the deceased considered special, as it will give more symbolism to the event. 

Video slideshow

With the emergent technology available, it’s possible to incorporate a video slideshow of the deceased’s life. A good rule of thumb is to create a presentation of three to six minutes in length; if that’s not enough, people can watch several slideshows during the wake. It’ll also entertain the audience and help in the healing process. 


Playing the departed’s favourite music tracks in the background will also personalise the ceremony. Choose a few songs with special meaning to the departed and play them on a loop at a subdued volume. This will make the event more memorable as people will get a chance to hear what the person loved hearing when they were alive. 

Plant trees

One way to concretely memorialise the departed’s life is to create a grove in their honour. Plant saplings before or after the service in their favourite spot. Although the deceased may no longer be visible, the saplings will grow into trees and serve as a constant reminder of their life. 

Release doves  

Another thing worth considering is releasing doves after the last shovelful of soil is placed on the grave. The birds will symbolise the hope that their beloved family member will find peace and find their way to eternal glory in Heaven. 


Funerals are typically solemn events. However, people can incorporate various things to personalise the event and make it more memorable for the family and the people in attendance.



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