The numerical preponderance of people in the 21st-century prefers online shopping to the traditional method of going to the supermarket, walking through all the shops, and then buying the products of your need and coming home after hours of struggle. Online shopping saves time and energy. Before placing your order, one needs to have complete knowledge of the store or website from which he is purchasing as the number of scammed stores is escalating day by day. One such controversial online store is Salecb. 

The article provides you with the reviews of customers who have purchased or ordered a specific product using their service. Salecb defines itself as an online store where power tool kits are available at cheap rates and better quality. 

Customer’s Point Of Views About Salecb

  1. One of the customers wrote that he ordered a toolbox from Salecb after he got intrigued by the images they displayed on their website. He thought it might be a good deal to buy a set of various tools at a cheap price. But the order never got delivered to his address. 
  2. Another consumer mumbled that he had ordered some power tools from Salecb, but he never received the package. After contacting the company again and again, he did receive the package. To his surprise, the package was empty. No tools were sent to him that he had ordered. Read More About Googelecom.
  3. One consumer proclaimed that he placed his order in 2019 in December. He sent them the payment still he is waiting for his package. The package did not arrive even after a year. He has advised everyone to stay away from the scam. 
  4. One user claimed that his order was sent to another country. He asked the company about that. They initially told him to wait; his package would arrive soon, but sometimes he never got an answer to his emails. His paid amount was never returned, as he mentioned in his review. 
  5. Group of users has shared the same opinion about the company. They claim that the company has no logo, no contact information, no customer care service, an email address written on the website, and no social media accounts details mentioned on their website. Furthermore, they said that the website is poorly designed and is disheveled.
  6. Customer from California mentioned that he ordered a set of 19PC devices in October 2020. After so much patience, he did receive the package. He instantly opened it, and to his amazement, there were no devices, only a single blade. 
  7. One of the reviewers called the company a scam. He said that he had ordered the box he hadn’t received yet. Another said that when he contacted the company and inquired about his order, the company asserted that the package was sent, but it got lost on its way.

Final Statement

Salecb claims to be an online platform for ordering and purchasing power tool kits. The majority of the people have recommended not to use it. They even called it a scam. Take your decision wisely, considering all the facts and figures, and then make your conclusion!


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