Top 3 Common Warning Street Signs on Road

It doesn’t matter where you drive; the warning signs are one of the most important factors of the road and highways. The warning street signs should not be taken for granted as they will keep you, your fellow passengers, and other drivers safe from any type of accident. 

What is the Meaning of Street Warning Signs?

It’s imperative to understand the content on the street signs so that the risk factors associated while driving can be minimized. This is why the United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration implied some specific standards regarding the shape and color of the signs to ensure maximum conformity. Additionally, many street warning signs come only with symbols. This helps the drivers to know the exact meaning in an instant. 

The colors of the street warning imply the relevant information. For instance, warning street signs are painted with black letterings with a yellow background. The shape of the sign is also important to convey relevant information. Most warning street signs come in a diamond shape so that drivers can recognize them easily. However, remember that there are some exceptions. 

You should not overlook the importance of warning street signs. They are placed strategically so that they can protect road users. The warning signs will not only warn drivers regarding the upcoming road hazards but also provide solutions. Here are the top 3 common street warning signs you can see on road. 

Slippery When Wet Sign 

This is one of the most common warning street signs you will notice while driving. This type of street sign is most common in some particular geographical locations where rainfall is a common environmental factor. This sign is diamond-shaped. Additionally, the symbol of this warning street sign indicates a car skidding. This helps the driver to know that the roads will get slippery after rain. Upon noticing this sign, the drivers will slow down their cars so that they can drive safely without facing any type of accident. If you see this sign, make sure you don’t make abrupt lane changes. Additionally, don’t apply brake too harshly. If you notice a curved road, consider driving slowly and smoothly.

Merging Traffic

This traffic street sign will help you know the direction of the new traffic. Most of the merging traffic signs implement that the traffic is coming from the right, but that’s not a mandatory factor. Make sure you allow the other traffic to merge safely. These types of street signs are often placed on highways just before the ramp starts, helping the drivers to change lanes swiftly. Even though not all drivers obey this rule, make sure you don’t put your life at risk by neglecting this important traffic rule. 

School Zone

This is another common warning street sign you should know. The shape of the school zone street signs is unique. This is why they stand apart from the other types of traffic signs. If you notice this sign, make sure you slow down. Additionally, follow the speed limit written on this type of street sign. Children might not be careful. Therefore, it’s your job to take the necessary precautions. As per Philkotse, you must obey the school zone signage.


These are the top 3 common street warning signs you need to remember. If you have any other questions, make sure you comment below to let us know. 


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