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Tech Guide: 7 Mobile Phone Problems and Impressive Solutions


Having a smartphone is essential these days. You can access numerous things with a few taps, and it is user-friendly, portable, and versatile. A mobile phone is a thing that you can tag along with you at parties, schools, offices, restaurants, and almost everywhere. It helps you locate a place, send virtual warming messages, and pay bills conveniently. Cell phones have progressed from essential to innovative over the years.

Moreover, if your phone malfunctions, it can affect several functions. A smartphone is built with a machine so that you can encounter phone bugs, crashes, and other technical issues. Nobody’s perfect, either your mobile phone. You can know how to get water out of phone and solve mobile technical problems instantly with the help of these tech solutions. There are various reasons mobile phone malfunctions, and knowing the solutions can save time and money without professional help. How helpful is that!

1. Mobile Applications Crashes 

It is frustrating when you are in the middle of a ranking game, then the app suddenly hangs or closes. Another example is when you watch your Kdrama, and then it has the app forced to stop. You have no choice but to restart or reinstall the specific app to solve the problem. That’s even more frustrating. Furthermore, a mobile application crash occurs when a bug in the installed apps or your phone runs out of space. 

Solutions you can try: 

  • Clear the app data in “App manager.
  • Avoid running multiple apps at once.
  •  Troubleshoot your phone by restarting it, removing the battery, or restoring it to factory settings. 

2. Overheating

Another problem is overheating. It seems like your smartphone will explode at its hot temperature. Overheating is commonly caused by using the phone’s camera for extended periods, using the phone with high screen brightness, or playing graphically intensive games. When you use your phone constantly, its processor has to work continuously, generating a lot of heat.

Moreover, it is alarming because it can destroy the entire system and drain its battery, which is a separate issue to solve.

Solutions to try:

  • Prevent using your phone while it is charging
  • Avoid using CPU-intensive apps. 
  • Allow your phone to cool down if it becomes too hot.

If these things didn’t solve the issue and your phone still gets hot to the touch, you should seek professional assistance. It might be a result of a manufacturing defect.

3. Apps Not Downloading 

It is a fact that it is frustrating and saddening when you can’t join an internet trend. Some possible reasons include being unable to download the app or full storage. However, the primary source of this issue is a corrupt cache. 

Solutions to try: 

  • Clear the app’s cache by going to the Google Play Store app. 
  • Try clearing the Google Play history. 
  • Check that you’re using the most recent version of Google Play.
  • Clear the data and cache on Google Play services.

4. Unresponsive Screens 

Unresponsive screens are a top priority to avoid mobile phone problems. When your phone begins to malfunction with this issue, you may want to throw it against a wall, but there is no need to panic. Moreover, replacing a new phone is not the solution to an unresponsive screen. 

Solutions to try: 

  • Restart your phone shuts down, and refresh all background services which may have crashed 
  • Press and hold the Power button to bring up the power menu, then tap Restart
  • If you cannot select the option by touching the screen, you can turn off your phone by holding the Power button for several seconds.
  •  Try pressing both the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously. 

5. Low Storage Issue or Low Disk Space

Sometimes, you have deleted everything, but you still don’t have enough storage. You tried to free plenty of space and added an extra micro SD card, but nothing happened. Moreover, this error appears even when there is plenty of space available. If this is the case, you can resolve the issue by restarting your phone, clearing the caches of your apps, or resetting the Google Play Store.

Another helpful solution is to back-up photos, videos, and other files in Google Services such as google drive, google photos, etc. It will let you delete local copies and creates tons of space in your device. Moreover, it is excellent storage to access memories from any device, at any time, even if your current Android phone is lost or broken. 

6. Slow Running of Applications and Phone System

Slow running is the most common smartphone issue, especially when your phone ages. It is frustrating to handle slow apps and can be unresponsive too. Some reasons include unnecessary and unaware installed apps that use your device’s RAM. Thus, it slows your phone’s speed because of too many things going on.

Solutions to try: 

  • Remove all unnecessary apps and files from the phone.
  • Clear the cache data. 
  • Try using a diagnostic app. 
  • Restore it to factory settings.

7. Poor Battery Life 

Other most common issues are battery drain, slow charging, and charging failure. People are attached to their phones, and battery draining is a possible thing that will happen. It is frustrating that it discourages you from using your phone for an extended period due to poor battery life. You don’t need to worry anymore and try these solutions.

  • Check Settings->battery to see if any specific apps are draining too much battery, and if you find any bugs, remove those apps. 
  • Enable the battery-saving mode
  • Disable the locations
  • Reduce the brightness

Concluding Thoughts 

There you have it, and share it with those who need it. Mobile phones progressed from simple to innovative. The more advanced the phone is, the more complicated it will be. Thus, it is essential to handle your phone carefully to keep you away from any distress it may cause. You can solve phone problems now without needing professional help.

Thank you so much for reading. We hope that this article has helped you. Don’t hesitate to know more and visit CellularNews.com!



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