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We continue to tell you about relevant and interesting things in the world of trading. In today’s article, we will talk about brokers, the importance of choosing the right broker, and trading AUD USD.

Sit back and enjoy reading. At the end, you will also find some important information that you should not miss. Let’s start!

About brokers and AUD/USD trading

As you probably know, a lot in trading depends on choosing a quality broker. If you choose the first broker you come across, you simply risk losing all your money and even your personal data.

A few tips on how to choose a quality broker, no matter where you are:

  1. One of the most significant points is legality – check if the broker you have chosen has all the necessary licenses – both state and, if necessary, international. Contact support for copies of such licenses, and compare them with the registries in your country. This is a boring, routine but very necessary job.
  2. Availability – check how available this broker is in your country and whether it has any restrictions imposed on it.
  3. Variety. Make sure that this broker will allow you to trade the assets that you planned.
  4. Safety – all your personal data and assets must be protected in the most effective manner. Read about the steps the broker takes to achieve this.
  5. Reputation – for a broker, reputation is everything. One scandal can leave a broker without clients and deprive almost all of their profits. Try to find news on the Internet about whether this broker scammed its clients, whether it was hacked with subsequent leakage of user data, and so on.
  6. Additional services – really reliable brokers also provide some additional services. Someone conducts educational online marathons, someone writes articles about trading and posts them on their own website. This item is optional, but will be a pleasant bonus.

Yes, if you want to trade AUD\USD and really make money without exposing yourself to risk, you will have to think about it all.

We will save your time and tell you about one of the leading brokers – FBS. The benefits include:

  1. Full legality – broker has all the necessary licenses and is ready to provide them upon request.
  2. Cent account – feel for yourself what real trading is with minimal risk for yourself.
  3. 1:3000 leverage. The highest one available.
  4. Demo account – test your trading skills by trading virtual (not real, imaginary) currencies using all the latest market data. This will allow you to learn how to predict the behavior of the market and earn without exposing yourself to any risk at all.
  5. Fast withdrawal of funds – from 30 minutes (e-commerce) to 3-4 business days (credit or debit card).
  6. High level of security – the most effective data protection systems available will protect your personal data and all your savings around the clock.
  7. Good reputation – can you find negative news about this broker? We tried.Perhaps you can do better?

And this is not a complete list of all the benefits! You just need to visit their website and learn more about their activities. Also, this broker is completely legal both in Australia and in almost all other countries. Therefore, you will be able to freely trade AUD\USD without exposing yourself to risks.

A brief last tip

Knowledge is power! Without the necessary knowledge base, you run the risk of losing all your savings without earning a single cent. In this case, FBS will give you access to its own huge database absolutely free of charge. In it you can find all sorts of information regarding trading.

Also, do not forget to use the demo account before you start using the real one! So you can test your knowledge and try out different non-standard strategies of your own design. We wish you good luck and huge profits!



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