Many events are a very important part of our history, such as World War I and II and the American Revolution. They shared that all the three mentioned people are women that may not be true. Instead, they make American history more valuable.

Keep reading it to know the fact about what do Paul revere, j. Edgar Hoover and Betsy Ross all have in common?

Historical Background of Paul Revere

Paul Revere is considered the most important person in American history. He is popular due to his rides at midnight in 1775 April. He struggled to warn the army and military forces to turn out when the British army was about to storm. As a result, his military won the battle of Concord and Lexington. They were launched into a complete revolution, and they got a victory there.

Struggles of Paul Revere by Midnight Ride

Paul Revere tried a lot to warn the American Military to stay active during the British army’s attack. He made attempts to warn the American military by midnight rides. He delivered the warnings on the back of the horse. His shots had made him the most valuable person of American history, whose name is still alive in history as a historical pioneer of American history. Also check fact about famous actor of hollywood Samuel L. Jackson.

Tarnished Reputation of Paul Revere

Due to some unfortunate happenings, all the struggles have blackened, and his reputation got stained. He was arrested and sentenced for a charge of firing and torching against his business in 1771. He was charged a fine of £200 and detained for 18 months in jail. All these happenings forced him to make clarifications in front of others to prove him right and sincere in his dealings his whole life.

Warning About the Red Coats

He was not the person to separate him from his country’s safety. He still warned others about the red coats. He generated concepts on how to fight against the enemy and make them safe. He was the architect who formed many useful and valuable weapons for their defense. His designed weapons were used in the revolutionary war, such as rifles and cannons.

Death of Paul Revere and His Unmarked Grave

Paul Revere was buried in the unmentioned grave after his death. His family requested and apologized to the public to give his good name to his grave. However, when American history became concerned for others, his reputation was cleared as a true patriot.

Historical Background of Eloise Anderson Hoover

Eloise Anderson Hoover was born in Washington, D.C, in 1895. She attended many important meetings related to politics during that depression and gave details accounts of her husband, J. Edgar Hoover. Her husband was part of the Justice Department and was paying his duty. Her husband was HOD of the FBI, and she got an administrative position at the age of 26 after marriage because of his husband. J.

Historical Background of Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross was the first person who made the marks of the American flag first time after the Revolutionary war. She was awarded as a true lover of her country. She was awarded rewards for all her attempts made in love and defense of her country.


Hopefully, it has been cleared now that what do Paul revere, j. Edgar Hoover and Betsy Ross all have in common? The three mentioned people were the main part of American history. They pay struggles for the defense of their country in their ways. The common thing in mention people was that they were true patriots.


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