The ghostly snowy owl has unmistakable white feathers that echo its Arctic origins.

Actions And Manners:

A gorgeous giant Snowy Owl flies, snows around the Dome, occasionally landing to kill animals, or is in a resting state. It is an aggressive creature, and can be said to have an entire field of vision, and it can easily see all the animals that are hiding based on its thermal vision. Not having gotten used to the environment, these are probably the strongest predators in the Snow Dome, if you consider it significant, there are no Terrible monster packs walking in the snow-covered areas. R-The polar owl can be detected in this area, so:


The snow owl is a large owl that prefers to live in a very cold region. It looks and is driven like an Argentavis, but usually has a white color applied in order for a thicker body and a larger tail. On his face, tightly entwined with vines of damaged elements, and his eyes look, you can say that the robotic nature. Its wings are quite robust and its ends tend to end in a darker color than the organ, which is typically gray or black, with the legs and head usually being the same color.

Crowning the top of my head are four large antennae that provide him with a warm vision, such is the power of this antenna that he can share his thoughts and emotions. The R-Polar owl tends to recommend darker shades and hunt high in the mountains of the northern and southern paradisiacal spot. It’s an owl there, except for the numbers, soft cream. They also have a dark blue bioluminescence to its face and legs.

Engage In Recreation:

This large owl breeds in the Arctic tundra, where females lay a clutch of 3 to 11 eggs. Everything depends on food, and in particularly lean periods, as a rule, monogamous pairs, an owl, maybe even a gender. The parents are territorial and protect their nests, which everyone, even the wolf, likes.

Color Appearance:

Young owls, in particular, are estimated to be about the same age as the white bird. Women are darkness, while wrinkles and fine lines never turn completely white. Some-year-old males should be white, but many have preserved small patches of dark feathers.

Hunting And Allocation:

The Snow Owl is a patient hunter who sits and waits to identify his prey before flying qovacaq. The polar owl has keen eyesight and excellent hearing abilities, which can help them find prey unseen in dense foliage or in the snow cover. The owl is adept at stealing prey with its sharp claws. Favorite food polar owl-lemmings, lots of lemmings. An adult can eat more than 1,600 lemmings a year, or three to five, each day. Birds supplement the diet with rabbits, rodents, birds and fish.


It is a beautiful owl, and sometimes stays put all year round in northern animal breeding grounds, but often they are new immigrants to Canada, the North United States, Europe, and Asia. The presence of lemmings can determine the scale of southern migration, so the owl is like to tackle in summer, in open fields, meadows and on beaches.


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