TikTok is a social service that is used for sharing videos using networks that ByteDance launched. This company was generated by Zhang Yiming in 2012 and launched in 2017 for Androids. Young people of the current generation are familiar with a storm of TikTok from the last few years. Two billion downloads of this app have been done on Android, and 700 million people use it daily, evidence of its market value. Many investors think to invest in TikTok stock symbol to get profit.

After investing in it, you can get useful information about the TikTok stock symbol; it’s a worthwhile and mandatory success!

TikTok Stock Can be Purchased or Not?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to invest in the TikTok stock symbol. Still, there is no chance, but hopefully, investors will get it as a trade in the stock market in the coming time. If you get the opportunity of trading in the future, you can invest by purchasing shares in Oracle or Walmart in TikTok. Walmart will allow 7.5%, and Oracle will possess 12.5% for 20% of the total prop.

Who is the Owner of TikTok?

There is an interesting story about TikTok. It was known as Douyin at the beginning that was owned by ByteDance and released in China for the first time. This app got the highest ranking in the Chinese population that was the reason for the International release. After the International sort, it got the name TikTok and was released in 2017 at the global level. It has several users with unlimited downloads, and this time it is the most downloaded application of 2020. ByteDance paid $1 billion to the Shanghai Company to get musical layouts and a platform to create short clips of videos on music and different lyrics.  

TikTok Banned Many Times in Different Regions

TikTok has been banned in many regions due to the scattering of unsafe contents. In India, it has been banned many times due to the criticism against India on TikTok. After declaring laws and orders, TikTok was engaged with US Company Walmart, and Oracle would get the post of this company. ByteDance announced IPO for TikTok globally in December 2020. There is no confirmation about the final date and no fledge news about this IPO. There are many chances that TikTok will launch soon in Hong Kong or Shanghai, but there is no setup. ByteDance will only own TikTok, and the public can’t buy it directly. If the company offers to sell shares, investors can indirectly invest by purchasing shares in TikTok by Oracle or Walmart.

Reason for TikTok Success

Features and algorithms for searching content are the keys behinds TikTok’s success. You can generate video clips from five seconds to one minute free of cost with amazing editing tools. You can make slow-motion videos, speedy clips, amazing filters, and unique videos. In addition, users can check feeds and can enjoy new features by updating them.


It is the final statement that you cannot purchase TikTok stock. ByteDance, a private company, has its own that is not available for the public to buy it. In the coming time, IPO is expected to indicate investors to invest in the TikTok stock symbol. You can give indirect investment to TikTok by Oracle or Walmart because these are correlated with it.


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