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4 Tips To Boost Inclusivity and Work Culture in Your Organization     


When an employee joins a company, they become part of the whole work culture and ecosystem. They should feel welcomed and honoured to be a respected part of the organization. Unfortunately, many companies often neglect this part and face problems while retaining employees. Their employees don’t feel like a part of their team and tend to leave as they don’t feel seen or appreciated.

Thankfully there are ways to make employees feel more inclusive and seen. Whether fostering workplace friendships or upgrading employee IDs with a badge buddy, your company can take positive actions to boost organizational morale and identification.

Here are four effective tips to boost company identification and make your team members feel valued and appreciated.

  1. Create Company Merchandise

Your company needs elements of identity that can help people recall your brand. Merchandising is a great way to improve your brand awareness, strengthen your brand identity and make your team more inclusive. Merchandises like coffee mugs, hoodies, bags, pens, and diaries make your team member feel valued as an esteemed part of your company. They feel recognized when given the merchandise, and they proudly use and flaunt them. Remember how university students flaunt their University hoodies.

  • Upgrade Your Company IDs With a Badge Buddy

Employee IDs are the most visible and recognizable ways to verify identity. Most companies have them, and many of them have no idea about how to make actual use of them. The company ID indeed contains employee information such as their name, designation, and contact details. These details are often printed in a fine font size which can be challenging to read from a distance. It is crucial to see a specific portion of the id for identification, security, and faster access. That’s why many companies use a badge buddy attached to their company ID badges for improved identification. The badge buddies have additional spaces for bigger font sizes. It’s especially important in sectors like hospitals to recognize the individual, as time is always of the essence.

  • Host Team Building Activities

Team members should trust each other so they can achieve shared goals. Building trust in your team can be difficult, especially when there isn’t strong leadership. The team leader or manager must take the proper steps to bring everyone together and promote teamwork and trust. Team building activities involve the participation of multiple people who collaborate and achieve shared goals. It fosters trust, collaboration, and decision-making abilities. The team members feel included, seen, and appreciated for their efforts and achievements.

  • Foster Workplace Friendships

An employee creates a lot of professional relationships during their career. They are associated with these individuals at a professional level, and it is often limited to that only. Thanks to global workplace culture, modern companies are promoting workplace friendships. It can be stressful to work long hours in confined spaces and not lose your morale. But seeing friendly faces across the room can help you cope with the stress and feel more energetic. Many researchers have also found that workplace friendships boost productivity as well. So if you are a team leader or a boss, don’t roll your eyes when you see your team members casually chatting at the office cafe.

Promoting organizational identification can be challenging, especially when the company doesn’t know what to do to make it happen. Thankfully, these small steps can significantly impact your efforts and build a reliable and trustworthy team that is happy and confident in what they do.



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