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6 Tips for Organizing a Golf Event

Golf Event
Golf Event

Golf is a popular pastime for many enthusiasts, and a course is a perfect location for hosting any kind of event from the most formal charity fundraisers to any kind of reception or golfing tournament. Yet just like organizing any larger scale event, there are multiple stages to the planning process. Here are five tips for organizing a golf event.

Find a Flexible Venue

With so many golf courses to pick from around the country, it can feel as though you are spoilt for choice. However, the venue needs to be adaptable for a range of circumstances. Rigid hospitality settings are not conducive to a successful golf event because they provide a lack of flexibility. Find somewhere that draws up a contract to ensure they will meet expectations and are held accountable if they don’t. Before signing any agreement, talk through your concerns and potential roadblocks to ensure the location will assist and adapt alongside you, and make sure you are able to meet the requirements, e.g., number of guests, before going ahead.

Provide Equipment Advice

Despite golf being a popular sport and recreational activity, there are still people who have never played before. If you want to broaden the scope of guests, there are bound to be people there who feel out of place which will create an unwanted, awkward atmosphere and leave some attendees with discernible discomfort. How do you avoid this? One method is to have equipment advice and options in core locations to ease people into the environment.

Don’t Forget the Carts

Aside from the clubs and balls, golf carts are an essential component of any golf course and therefore, a golf event. Provide access for guests, and don’t skimp on quality in this area. If they are members already, people may have their own access but, as discussed above, not everyone falls into this category. Check out these golf cart accessories which, through aftermarket upgrades, can turn your carts into some of the most innovative models around.

Factor in External Circumstances

External circumstances are things not in our remit of control such as natural disasters and other weather type occurrences. In this context, the weather is the biggest consideration. It is unpredictable and the forecast rarely yields 100% accuracy. Therefore, plan for it. The whole party may be forced to move inside at some point during the gathering, so have a room (or multiple) ready to receive just in case.

Get Sponsors on Board

Consider a sponsor to fund your goal. This becomes easier if you have prestige as a player or in the industry, especially if you are looking for a golf backed sponsor. Alternatively, tap into the charity aspect and find a route in this way.

Advertise Your Event

Word of mouth is great for raising awareness of an event, especially if your social circle is wide enough to impact results. However, there is value in putting your occasion on social media or advertising it locally. Charity events especially, where the purpose is to raise cause awareness and reach fundraising goals, benefit greater when more guests attend. There will be an upper limit on how many you are able to invite, but if the time calls for it, try to reach out to as many people as possible. These pages are intuitive to set up, and don’t take up much time at all. So, one small step increases the output significantly.

Golf events happen for many reasons, the most common being a focus on charity or another form of fundraising. The venue needs to accommodate your requests (not the other way around), and flexibility is key throughout the wider process. Other than these factors, make it fun, keep people engaged and comfortable, and everything that is within your power should run smoothly.



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