Which Samsung Phone Is Ideal for You?

Samsung has established itself as one of the best phone manufacturers in the world and its latest releases only solidify this position. In addition to premium phone quality, Samsung phones also offer excellent performance at great prices. The wide range of choices means that there is a Samsung phone for every budget and taste if you know where to look. Here is a list of 4 Samsung phones you should consider buying in 2021. Because getting a new handset also involves selecting a new phone plan, we have also included some tips for choosing the best Samsung phone plans.

1. Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition)

In 2020, Samsung released the Galaxy S20 series, which while great, was too expensive for most consumers. The S20 FE offers all the perks of the S20, including the professional camera and high-performance processor, but at a more obtainable price. You should consider this phone if you are looking for a satisfying android experience that doesn’t tank your savings account.

2. Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is by far the best phone currently being offered by Samsung. It comes with excellent features like a professional camera, 5G connectivity, a supercharged processor, and S Pen stylus support. If you want to stay on top of the current technological trends and love taking good pictures, this is definitely the phone for you.

3. Galaxy S21 5G

Considering its price, the Galaxy S21 5G is the best value for your money on this list. It works great as an upgraded phone and offers excellent android phone performance. It also boasts of a large, lively screen display, 5G connectivity, and a powerful processor. While it cannot zoom as impeccably as the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G camera, it still takes great pictures.

4. Galaxy S21 Plus 5G

The Galaxy S21 Plus 5G is last on our list because its screen display is slightly smaller than its counterparts, it does not have S Pen stylus support, and its zoom skills cannot match the other models. Still, this model from https://www.m1.com.sg/mobile/brands/samsung/samsung-phones can access high 5G speeds and has a powerful processor. It is also cheaper than the Ultra and comes complete with the popular Glass Victus backing.

Pick the Best Phone Plan for Your Samsung Phone

If you are planning to upgrade or change to a Samsung phone in Singapore, you will need to select a phone plan that accommodates your connectivity needs. Choosing a mobile network provider allows you access to data and messaging plans that you can use and renew regularly.

When looking for the best plan for your lifestyle, it is important to consider your budget. Review your data and call minutes usage then find a plan that covers it. Don’t be too worried about this step because you can always reduce or increase your minutes every month.

Once you find a plan that covers your needs, make sure that it is within your budget. Getting your Samsung upgrade from your phone plan provider is an excellent way to cut the retail price to an affordable rate.

Finally, pick a plan and select the add-ons you would like on your phone plan. You can choose from options like Unlimited Weekend Data Pack, Caller Number Display, and 5G Booster packs. Remember, you only need to get what you need, so take your time.


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