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What Dena Schlosser Did to Her Daughter?

Dena Schlosser
Dena Schlosser

Dena Schlosser is a woman who belongs to Texas, America. She did something strange for which she got recognized. In the year 2004, she took the knife and amputated her daughter’s arms. It happened on November 22. Her daughter’s name was Margaret, who was eleven months old then. Due to the arm amputation, Margaret died. The daycare center workers of that locality were in touch with her that day but earlier than this incident. They called the police of Plano on 9-1-1.

What Police Responded and Observed

The operator received the call. Dena confessed to the operator, and the operator testified it. She also noticed that a song named “He Touched Me” was playing in the background. Police arrived at the location. They saw that Dena was sitting down there calmly. She was covered with blood, with a knife in hand; Christian hymns were what she was singing at that time.

Early Life of Dena

There was a disease named hydrocephalus. Dena was diagnosed with it when she was eight. Till reaching the age of 13, she went through eight surgeries. Shunts were implanted into her heart, abdomen, and brain in those surgeries. She graduated with a degree in psychology from Marist College, New York.

John Schlosser was the husband of Dena. They both met with each other when they were students at Marist College. John didn’t graduate from there, but Dena did. John then didn’t allow Dena to work on moving to Texas.

The Death of Margaret

Schlosser did the attempted suicide the next day after the birth of Margaret. She was admitted to the hospital in the ward of psychiatry. There, bipolar disorder was diagnosed to her and also with some psychotic features. An investigation was conducted with her earlier in the same year and was done by Texas Child Protective Services. According to the instructions of CPS, she shouldn’t have alone time with her children.

After this order of CPS, her sister-in-law started living with them. It was done until CPS lifted the order. Dena started believing in the destiny of Margaret with Doyle Davidson. Doyle became a pastor who was also a veterinarian. Before attacking Margaret the next day, she told her husband’s desire to give Margaret to Davidson. In the confidential report of CPS, it was mentioned that her husband used a wooden spoon to spank her where the children were also present. Then, Margaret was injured badly, whereas the two other daughters didn’t get any harm.

David Self was a psychologist whom Dena told about a news story she saw that disturbed her. The news story was about a boy to whom the lion mauled. She interpreted this thing by considering it a sign of the apocalypse. After the investigation of the death of Margaret, Dena didn’t declare guilty due to her insanity. She was admitted to the North Texas hospital where she lived till her recovery and not being a threat to anyone, including herself. 


The brief life story of the American woman Dena Schlosser was discussed here. He was suffering from different psychological issues due to which she killed her daughter. 



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