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What Are The Different Types Of Classic Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions

If you are looking forward to achieving the hair of your dreams without any treatment, consider opting for clip-in hair extensions. But while choosing hair extensions, some questions are to be considered. How thick is your natural hair? Is your hair healthy? Is it short or long? Read on to find out.

Both experts and beginners usually prefer clip in hair extensions. Such hair extensions come with clips attached to their base and are the least permanent without damaging your hair. In addition, you can remove and store them.

This article lists different types of classic clip-in hair extensions so that you can make the right choice.

Different Types of Classic Clip-In Hair Extensions

  • Double weft

The reason why these extensions are called double wefts is that they feature two wefts that are sewn on a single hair securely. The double-weft clip-in hair extension is the right choice for one who wants double voluminous hair.

One significant benefit that can be accessed using double weft extensions is that you can get double the volume of a classic complete headset. Also, these extensions come with the same number of clips as featured in a single weft set.

  • Quad weft

A thicker piece, quad weft hair extensions create volume and add some length to the hair. These hair extensions provide the flexibility of using it with any clip-in hair extension so that extra volume can be added to the hair.

It contains four strips of hair sewn onto a single thick weft securely. It is this feature of these extensions that they help in giving four times voluminous hair compared to one single weft.

  • Supreme quad weft

Superior quad weft hair extensions contain four strands of hair sewed onto a thick piece of lace, making them ideal for adding volume and thickness to hair. There are fewer clips and less effort with these clip-in hair extensions, so they’re ideal for those who want 4×4 volume.

  • Classic full head

This package is ideal if you want to add thickness to your hair rather than length. Typically, those with thin hair prefer full-head extensions because they don’t add too much weight to their hair.

These extensions typically weigh 120 to 130 grams, depending on the length of the hair. Shorter full-head hair extensions are best for people with thin hair since they add just the proper amount of thickness.

  • Wrap-around ponytail hair extensions

The wrap-around ponytail hair extensions are the best choice for women who want to turn their look into a polished fashion statement. This sleek and elegant hair extension features in-built combs and Velcro straps, making it an undeniably solid hair piece.

You can find the wrap-around ponytail hair extension in many colours like brown, red, blonde, black, and other multiple shades that suit your natural hair colour. Using this particular hair extension, you can style your updo in several ways – from peepy, fluffy, and flirty to high and sleek.

  • One-piece

Consider buying one-piece clip-in hair extensions when searching for the fastest way to extend your hair. Usually, such extensions can be used along with the whole headset to create extra voluminous hair.

Ranging in different sizes, you can also increase the length of your hair using this particular clip-in hair extension. Additionally, a one-piece hair extension suits all hair types.


Clip-in hair extensions are a boon for those striving to increase the volume or length of their hair but do not want to undergo any chemical or heat treatment. Although different types of hair extensions are available in the market, clip-in hair extensions are the least damaging. Also, one can find these extensions in different colours, lengths, and volumes.



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