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Tooth Sensitivity: Could a More Exposed Tooth Root Cause Teeth Pain?

Tooth Sensitivity
Tooth Sensitivity


Teeth sensitivity is a common problem that can be caused by various factors. Many people experience tooth sensitivity when their teeth are exposed to dental plaque, food particles, or other irritants. However, some people may also experience tooth sensitivity when the root of their tooth is exposed. In these cases, the sensitive area may be located near the gum line or in the back of the mouth. If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity and your dentist isn’t able to identify the source, it might be worth considering having your root examined.

What is tooth sensitivity and how can it affect your life?

Tooth sensitivity is a sensation that people experience when there is an inflammation, infection, or other problem with the tooth. This can affect how people eat and drink, and can even lead to problems with dental care. Tooth sensitivity can also make it difficult for people to sleep at night or concentrate during the day. There are treatments available for tooth sensitivity, and it is important to get help if it is affecting your life.

Exposed Tooth root and tooth sensitivity

Exposed tooth root commonly caused by receding gums or gum disease than others are. Gum disease occurs when bacteria enters the space between your teeth and gums, causing an infection that eventually recedes the bone around the teeth and exposes the roots if not treated. Tooth sensitivity is when a person has a difficult time feeling or extracting their teeth because of sensitivity to heat, cold, or pressure.

Causes: What are the main causes of tooth sensitivity?

Teeth are sensitive to various factors including food, beverages, chemicals, heat and cold. Tooth sensitivity is usually caused by something irritating the tooth enamel or pulp. The most common causes of tooth sensitivity are:

-Foods and drinks: Certain foods and drinks can irritate teeth. Sugary foods and drinks can cause tooth decay while acidic foods and drinks can erode tooth enamel.

-Chemicals: Many chemicals can be irritating to teeth. These include cosmetics, detergents, cleaning products and tobacco smoke.

-Heating and cooling devices: Heating or cooling devices like air conditioners or fans can create a cold breeze that could irritate teeth.

-Hot peppers: Some hot peppers contain compounds that can damage teeth. Eating hot peppers regularly may increase your risk of developing tooth sensitivity.

Exposed tooth root treatment

  • A dental crown is a cap on your tooth that can protect and strengthen it.
  • Gingival mask is if you have a gum recession on a number of your teeth your dentist may recommend a gingival mask.
  • Gum graft is surgical reconstruction that involves tissue or bone grafted onto your gums.


Tooth sensitivity is a common problem that can be caused by a variety of factors. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, it is important to see your dentist for an evaluation and treatment plan. By taking care of your teeth and being aware of the potential causes of tooth sensitivity, you can prevent problems from developing in the future.



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