Things to look for in a skating shoe before buying

skating shoe
skating shoe

Skating is a fun sporting activity. You can even put on your skating wheels to cover short distances and commute to your desired location. In other words, it is a fun and straightforward activity, and you can do it at any age. Moreover, doctors advise that with the best skating shoes for beginners you can easily learn this sport because it is a kind of athletic exercise that improves your overall health and endurance levels. It might help you keep away health ailments like diabetes and discomforts like back pain and muscle soreness.

However, like any sport, there are dangers associated with it. For instance, the wrong pair of skating shoes can cause injuries like sprains or fractures. If the wheels are not designed suitable for your feet and body type, these injuries can happen to anyone, regardless of being a beginner or experienced. If a skater wears the wrong size skate, they may get hurt when they fall while trying to do tricks or flips.

Selecting suitable skaters might be daunting with all the options available. But you can find one if you know the features you need in yours. If you are ready for skating and are about to purchase a suitable pair of roller wheels for yourself, here are two tips for finding the right pair of skating shoes that fit well and hold your feet with a good grip.

  1. Types of skates
  • Quad skates – These are considered the best shoes for beginners because they are a pair of wheels arranged in the front and back end of the shoe. It provides an easy and controlled movement for beginners when they try to move in a sitting position. These shoes also offer extra protection to your ankles, knees, and feet because they have a thick rubber sole that helps you to prevent injuries while skating.
  • Inline – Inlines are the type that has a single row of polyurethane roller wheels. It supports high-speed skating activities like Freestyle Slalom Skating, Inline Speed Skating, Vert Skating, and sports like Inline Hockey and Roller Soccer. Inline skates come with two different styles of wheels: hard wheels and soft wheels. Hard wheels are meant to be used on flat surfaces, while soft ones are best suited for street skating, where there may be bumps or cracks on the surface causing injuries if someone falls.
  • Good ankle support

You must check if the shoe provides extra protection to your ankles, knees, and feet. For instance, some skating shoes have a thick rubber sole that helps you prevent injuries while skating. Also, it allows you easy control of your movements when you move forward or backward.


Besides selecting the best skating shoes for beginners, you must also get good quality safety gear to protect the skaters in the learning process. Try different models and brands with varied features. Nowadays, custom-made models are also available. Choosing the right products that fit you well can be a tedious process. But it should make you feel comfortable and confident in the end.


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