The Milliner’s Guide to Popular Hat Styles for Women of Style 

If you were flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine, it is more than likely that the photos of stylish women that strike you as exceptional would all be wearing hats of some kind or the other. After a decline of many decades, hats are once more back in high fashion, which is why; you need to know the various kinds of hats you can consider to create a splash this year. Given the wide choice of styles, materials, and colors, it may be more of a task than you would have assumed. A handy primer on popular hat styles for the fashionable woman:

Sun Hat

When you are stepping out in summer to the beach, swimming pool, a garden party, or shop, the most important thing is to protect your face and neck from the blazing sun. The easiest way of doing it is to get a wide brim hat that will block the sunshine and the harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer while enjoying the sunny weather in comfort. There are plenty of sun hat styles for you to choose from, but generally, it is best to select a floppy hat with a wide brim made from a light and breathable material like straw. Choose a light color, as it reflects the light better and keeps you cooler than a dark-colored one.


Everyone experiences a bad hair day some time or the other, and often a hat is the best way of hiding it. However, if you have spent a bomb to have your hair styled in an exclusive salon, the last thing you would want is to hide your hair. However, when the situation demands you wear a hat, you can consider a fedora since it has a curved brim and a typical indented crown that acts to draw eyeballs to your hairstyle while still providing some amount of protection to your head. If you love the idea of adding just a little hint of masculinity to your persona while remaining essentially feminine, a fedora with a pinched is a great choice since you can leave your hair loose. A fedora is a popular wide brim felt hat womens choice.


With their flat crown and characteristic round shape, berets can add a zesty look to your appearance. Because they used to be typically made from wool or felt earlier, they were more often than not ideal protection from the winter chill, but now with their availability in many other materials like crocheted cotton or synthetic fabrics, you can use them all around the year. While berets are unisex and an integral part of several military uniforms, the French and the Spanish people have been using them for long. Women have it good with berets since they are available in various colors and materials. According to Vogue, it is important to get the tilt right for the perfect style statement. Even though convention dictates berets are worn with a slight tilt to the side, you can wear them as you like. You may even be able to tuck in your hair inside the cap if you want.

Cowboy Hat

Though cowboy hats had their heydays in the West with wranglers using them for sun protection, the style proved so popular that stylish people all over the world adopted it. Even women, not afraid to look a little masculine, took to wearing cowboy hats with panache. While the original cowboy hats, made of leather, felt, and straw was designed to be sturdy and durable, their weight made them unsuitable for ladies. It gave birth to cowboy hats made of lightweight materials like straw and acrylic, which made possible a whole range of different colors to suit their costumes.

Cowboy hats come in a variety of materials, but the most traditional styles are often made with fur-based felt. If you like the look but don’t like the heavy feel of a full cowboy hat, you’ll find acrylic-based or straw-made versions that will feel lightweight on your head. The advantage of choosing synthetic or natural materials is that you’ll have many more color options.

Panama hat

Panama hats have enjoyed widespread popularity for a long time among both men and women. However, what we call the Panama hat, originated from Ecuador, where the native craftsmen fabricated them from the dried leaves of the Toquilla palm tree, indigenous to the region. Even today Panama hats form a major part of Ecuador’s exports, and some of the well-crafted ones can be quite expensive. However, nowadays these hats are made from a wide variety of materials and are often mass-produced using machinery. Every fashionable woman will want one of these wide-brimmed hats in a classic design that frames their faces perfectly.


The hats discussed above by no means represent the entire world of options open to women for adding a dash of style to their personalities. Today almost all types of hats are worn by women. All you need to do is to carry them off with confidence.


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