Many people are familiar with the tarot through the media. Movies and TV-all this has a taste of instruments, as well as a dramatic effect. Those who are reading the tarot for the first time are often very excited when a card that they have seen is opened during therapy. So far, exactly the card causes the strongest reaction is exactly Satan. Why are people so alarmed? Despite the fact that the traditional image of the Devil in the form of a figure with horns and hooves can be quite unpleasant, this is what the cards represent, and this is the most terrible thing.

A deck with a modern approach could help us better understand this innate fear. Ex Animo tyres, such as the terrifying creature, a game of shadows created by our own hands. He also tells us that the Devil is someone who lurks in the shadows, at night, preying on the innocent. On the contrary, we create our own demons.

What is the devil of throat, in fact, to represent our own bad choices and bad habits? Whether we realize it or not, we all need to be on our way, in bed with the Devil. That doesn’t mean we’re the bad guys. It simply means that we have all experienced a moment of weakness. Because these vices are often like explicitly abusing things with people, behaviors, or beliefs. Sometimes the results are dramatic. But more often, the effect is slow and noticeable, and that’s why it’s dangerous. We realize that if we are blind, we will still feel unhappy and stuck.

But how does this happen? The Housewives Tarot shows us that Satan is all that we indulge in to keep us calm and distracted. We are happy to consume, in the sense that, in itself, it is not so bad. Slowly getting under our control and responsibility in exchange for cheap thrills and comfort. We bargain, we try for the sake of an easy way out, only harm and the ability to live independently. We’d prefer it to tell the conversation because it’s apparently more interesting, but kind of always feel lonely and insecure at the end.

Because social media can be so violent that you can easily hide for digital decorations created that are fun. We imagine, and his true self, and we do not need to see, otherwise, what they really are. Everyone seems to have at least one “friend” who passively-aggressively fights to be the best, the richest, the most fun, the most spiritually righteous, and all the other qualities they believe they desire. This is one of the cultures that creates a lack of trust and preference. Many of us feel connected to our particular social network more.

We live in a time full of frustration and lack of faith, and yet that it is very easy to indulge in such feelings. We understand this, but you can choose how to respond to them. When others cry, we recognize and listen to them. When the other person refuses to play by the rules, we need to understand that there is something else.


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