Some Shocking Facts About John Holmes!

If you adore watching adult movies, you must be familiar with John Holmes. He was an American pornographic star who had appeared in more than 570 movies in a short period. He is considered to be the first adult male star. Apart from being an adult star, he had tried his hand at several things to make a living for himself. John Holmes net worth, death and personal life are mentioned in the article ahead! 

If you are his fan and are curious to know some facts about him, stay tuned. Read the article to the end. The article will give you some of the facts about his life that you might not know!

  1. He spent his childhood with his three siblings, with whom he shared a mother. His mother then married another man. He lived with his stepfather until his stepbrother came into the scene. After the birth of his stepbrother, his stepfather overlooked him and his siblings. 
  • He felt isolated and neglected at home, so he left home at 16 and became a part of the American Military. He has served as an army man in Germany. In 1963 he left the Military and moved to Carolina, where his wife was waiting for him. 
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  • He tied a knot with his nurse-wife in 1964, and the marriage ended in the late 1980s. His first wife died in 2012. During his time in Carolina, he had worked at different levels to sustain himself. 
  • When he earned an average amount by driving an Ambulance, his female neighbour introduced him to this cinematic world. He was intriguing, and he wanted to mint money, so he instantly agreed. After earning his first handsome amount, he made a profession in this field.
  • When he was working day in and day out in Carolina to make a living for himself, he became a pneumothorax patient. He had other breathing and physiological issues too.
  • John Holmes net worth is approximately 10,000 dollars. He had earned this proportion via his adult films and some passive business ventures.
  • His blockbuster movies include ‘Devil in Miss Jones‘ and ‘Bad Throat’. One of his characters, Johnny Wadd, made him a household name. This character earned him massive success and made him financially stable.
  • At the peak of his career, he started feeling depressed and lonely. His extreme anxiety, depression and lack of sleep led him to drug addiction which escalated with each passing year leading to his divorce and failed business ventures.
  • His last film was The Devil In Mr Holmes. In 1988 at the delicate age of 43, he died of HIV after being hospitalised for five months. Doctors proclaimed that he had encephalitis, cardiac arrest and candidiasis, which led to his death.

Final Statement

John Holmes net worth is approximately 10k dollars which he earned from doing adult films and some other side businesses. He had two wives. He spent the last five months of his life in the hospital, where he was admitted to treat HIV. He lost the battle to HIV in 1988 at the age of 43.


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