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Mitigate The Heat by Adding Covers to Your Home

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Individuals enjoy spending time outdoors when possible, particularly after they have been cooped up in school or an office all day. However, they don’t want to be exposed to the heat of the sun when doing so. It’s easy to mitigate this heat with the help of patio covers. Use these covers together with other heat-beating methods for an amazing outdoor area that can be used all year long. 

Patio Covers

Consider adding patio covers to your home to beat the heat and obtain refuge from the rays of the sun. These covers don’t cost a fortune and won’t require invasive installation techniques. 

Today, some patio covers attach directly to the home and can be retracted when they aren’t needed or when the weather could do them harm. Use the patio cover together with roll-up side panels to obtain more relief from the hot summer sun, or plant trees to provide additional shade. Some people choose to use potted plants together with a patio cover to create an oasis in their backyard. 

Outdoor Carpeting

Outdoor carpeting helps cool an area, but many homeowners won’t invest in these carpets as they must be frequently cleaned. In addition, if they get wet, they aren’t comfortable to walk on. 

However, when a person invests in a patio cover, they help protect this carpeting from the elements. The carpet won’t get as wet and it will receive some protection from the elements. Although the carpet must be cleaned regularly, as people walk over it, the cleanings won’t need to be as frequent because the cover will prevent dirt and debris in the air from making its way into the fibers as much. 

Increase Airflow

When installing a patio cover, ensure there is adequate airflow in the area. Moving air cools any surface it comes into contact with, as it prevents heat from settling and being absorbed by the surface. This air also draws heat from surfaces while evaporating moisture to keep the area cool. 

Consider installing fans under the patio cover to ensure the air moves freely. Wall-mount fans or free-standing fans are two ways to achieve this goal. However, many people today choose to invest in misting fans to increase the cooling effect of the device. 

Evaporative Coolers

While a patio cover goes a long way to beat the heat, a homeowner may find they need more to enjoy their outdoor living area. Invest in a swamp or evaporative cooler to ensure this area is usable regardless of how hot it is outside. 

These units have been in use for almost a century now, but the actual design has been around since the ancient Egyptians. They discovered they could cool a hot, dry breeze by moving it through a damp reed mat. Today’s devices operate on the same principle. 

The unit pulls air from the atmosphere and moves it over a water-saturated pad. This air is then circulated throughout the area to cool the patio. People love these units because they are cost-effective and provide relief from the rays of the sun. 

Patio covers add value to a home by allowing the outdoor living area to be used more often. Consider different options when it comes to this cover to find the one that is right for the home. If help is needed with this task, reach out to a licensed contractor. They happily work with clients to find the right cover for their needs, one that provides benefits far beyond those mentioned above. 



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