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Kratom Potentiators: How To Make Kratom Stronger?

Kratom Potentiators

Kratom is extracted from the leaves of a well-known Southeast Asian tree scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa. This herb is available in different forms, and most users prefer to ingest Kratom powder and capsules. Others love to take tinctures, tablets, candies, gummies, or buy kratom extracts etc. Every item carries a unique flavor.

Interestingly, avid Kratom users always look for ways to enhance the overall influence of this botanical. This is where a Kratom potentiator comes in. Let’s delve deeper into the details.

What Does A Kratom Potentiator Do?

The substances used to enhance the Kratom influence are termed potentiators. People add these substances to their favorite strains to get the desired outcomes. The experienced users have claimed that Kratom combined with potentiator produces a stronger influence than when they take it alone. Now, a question coming to your mind would be: how exactly does a potentiator boost the influence of Speciosa? Well, it breaks down the active Kratom alkaloids and showcases faster influence.

4 Best Potentiators To Make Your Kratom Stronger

Are you thinking of which Kratom potentiator to use to get fruitful results? Don’t have enough information in this regard? No worries! Below is a list of the top four Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Kratom potentiators you can choose to benefit from.

1. Grapefruit Juice

Adding grapefruit juice to your favorite Speciosa strain is the most famous way to get enhanced outcomes. The grapefruit juice is an acidic potentiator known for improving overall absorption as soon as you ingest Kratom. Mix your favorite Speciosa variant well with one glass of grapefruit juice and start enjoying it. Hundreds of Mitragyna enthusiasts are in love with this method.

2. Cat’s Claw

It is indigenous to South America and is extracted from the local tropical jungles. The native community has been using this herbal compound for many years to deal with various medical concerns, e.g., inflammation and infection. However, there is no scientific evidence in this regard. Interestingly, a cat’s claw consists of alkaloids pretty similar to Speciosa. This is why it also acts as a credible Kratom potentiator. Due to the bitter flavor of the cat’s claw, most users prefer to add sweet ingredients when combining it with opms kratom to get pleasant outcomes. You can use liquid extract or a powdered form of a cat’s claw to prepare its mixture with Kratom.

3. Turmeric

Combining Kratom and turmeric is another great way to taste Speciosa uniquely. Turmeric comes with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and adds the same touch to your Kratom dose. As far as the results this combination produces are concerned, they are stronger than many other traditional potentiators. Moreover, turmeric has proved to be an excellent tool for increasing Kratom’s potency. This is the reason why a number of Speciosa consumers often introduce turmeric to the desired Kratom strains.

4. Chamomile

If you are a regular Mitragyna user, you must have brewed Kratom tea. But chamomile tea, when combined with Kratom, takes its overall influence to the next level. According to frequent consumers, red vein Kratom and chamomile tea make a perfect combination. All you need is to mix your chamomile tea with your preferred Mitragyna stain and start stirring to prepare a consistent mixture. If you add lime or lemon juice, the results will enhance even more.


Have you been using Kratom for a couple of years? Were the results not up to the mark? Are you looking forward to increasing this botanical potency and overall influence? If yes, Kratom potentiators will do the job, as discussed above.



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