Is Gaming Actually Bad for Students?

Gaming has remained one of the most common hobbies for students for years. The new generations stick to the screens of their gadgets day and night, spending all their free time playing. Is it bad? Like many other hobbies, gaming has its particular pros and cons. Let’s find out the most important ones. 

Diving Into Gaming Niche: Top Cons 

Many scientists, healthcare professionals, and teachers warn about the addiction to gaming. But is it truly dangerous? Below you will discover a list of drawbacks of this hobby.

Health Issues

There is nothing new that gaming might take all the free time of a young learner. Moreover, some individuals prefer playing for more than 12 hours per day. Of course, this situation looks unhealthy. It can significantly worsen the overall well-being of a student. 

The reason is that a person who plays too much might often forget to eat, drink, and even fail to have enough sleep. These factors increase the risks of conditions related to the heart, stomach, and nervous system. Moreover, a lack of physical activity will make all the muscles weak. Therefore, too much gaming is dangerous for health. 

However, this rule works only for video games addicts. If you can easily limit your virtual gaming presence, spend enough time with your friends and loved ones, breathe fresh air, and follow your diet, the risks for health damage are minimal. 

Lower Grades 

Another worrying sign of gaming addiction is a serious drop in academic performance. Many learners prefer playing games to writing essays or listening to lectures. However, thousands of students have found a solution to this common issue. 

Who can write papers for me? This is the most burning question for many bright minds at schools, colleges, and universities. Many of them decide to start using academic writing services that are available online. It’s up to you to decide whether this solution is good for you. Still, remember that you should have normal academic performance regardless of your gaming activities. 

Communication Issues 

Real-life communication is important for all people. However, professional gamers often forget about this rule. They prefer to communicate in chats, forums, and in the game itself with only people who share their hobbies and ideas. Earlier, the lack of real-life communication seemed dangerous to many experts. However, with the rapid development of social media and messengers, this issue is turning out to be kind of the norm.

However, we still recommend not to lose your social connections with your classmates and friends. The real fellows are often more reliable and easy-going than your digital ones.

Gaming: The List Of Benefits 

To put it short, it is not all that bad. There are many advantages of gaming, too. Here are just a few you should know about. 


Not all the games are just shooters that require fast reactions only. There are thousands of video games that make you think a lot. These are educational games. Some of them are even used in the classroom to allow students to remember all the needed information faster and easier. Games can also help apply the new knowledge you’ve gained during lectures. 

Simulation games are surely good for educational purposes. Furthermore, some training materials also improve logic and analysis skills. 

Earn Money 

Professional gamers can earn good money. The truth is that many game developers often arrange events and tournaments with whopping prizes. You can participate solo or gather a team to take part. However, these niches are incredibly competitive – to win a championship, you need to have truly impressive skills. 

However, if you are very good at gaming and are ready to spend all your time in this industry, cybersports are waiting for you. 

Become A Good Team Member 

As a rule, games require excellent delegating and prioritizing skills. You need to learn how to collaborate with other players from your team, play as a solid organism, resolve conflicts, and share your ideas with others. This is crucial for the success of the entire team and your performance in the big tournaments. If your team can boast of having brilliant communication between all the members, you will likely hit the leading positions in many gaming events. 

Improve Brain Function 

Many parents still believe that gaming is completely useless. They often tell their kids that they are just wasting their time. However, this is not true. Playing computer games can significantly improve the ability of any person to solve problems in a fast and effective way. The fact is that in the digital world, you often have only a few seconds to make a decision. 

As a result, many gamers have fantastic hand-eye coordination and can process information from different channels amazingly fast. By the way, these skills might be extremely useful for many jobs. Multitasking has become a common feature for many professions. 

All in all, playing has both pros and cons. To get the best from it, it is crucial to find a healthy balance. 


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