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How To End Poverty In Your Community


Poverty is more than just not having enough source of money to meet your basic needs. Poverty is a lack of shelter, hunger, being sick without being able to see a doctor, and not attending school. There are multiple types of poverty: urban, situational, generational, and much more. It’s linked to unfavorable conditions such as inadequate child care, a lack of nutrition, food insecurity, and homelessness.

Poverty is assumed to be a national crisis bigger than an individual to solve, but there are possible ways to influence this systemic problem in your community. Focusing on how to end poverty is essential, both as an individual and nationwide. It’s one of the causes that needs more support.

Below are simple ways to end poverty in your community.

  1. Conduct Community Fundraising

In addition to donating and attending rallies, you can also reach out to community elders to see which families are experiencing poverty. However, you don’t just grant anything. Ensure the items given are the ones asked for by the experts. Give the donations to the community organization to distribute to the victims so they can use them without worrying about anything.

On the other hand, you can hold fundraisers. You can decide on throwing an event that will unite people for fundraising, like a pizza party, sports day, etc. Doing fundraisers in a fun way will bring a lot of people together for an important cause. Some organizations help with fundraising; for example like Fergusons Plumbing is fundraising for the Smith Family.

  1. Create Awareness

When looking at poverty, you first need to know where the issue lies. Is it your elders, teenagers, parents, or the government? Get well informed about the resources available and those who have lived long enough to experience poverty. You can assign groups of youth to go around spreading the word and listening to the experts’ recommendations. 

On the other hand, social media has become something reliable in daily life. After finding out the origin and how people are suffering in the community, you can use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to spread the word about global poverty. Doing this will increase awareness of the issue and how to tackle it.

  1. Donate

Donations can be shown in many ways, and the most straightforward one is to donate funds to an organization that deals with unfortunate victims. Organizations can then use the funds to educate children, fix housing, buy food, buy books, and more. No amount of money is too small or too large; any amount is considered valuable.

Another helpful way to help the poor is to donate time—partner with a local organization to plan a festive event or visit the community. Organize a day to cook for them and create fun activities to help them feel part of the community. The social sector can help address poverty.

  1. Create Jobs

The best solution to poverty is to have a well-paying job. If you own an organization in the community, look for areas where you could employ people with low education levels because poor people may not have access to higher education.

Additionally, you can invest in job creation strategies to create more long-term employment opportunities for people and pay a living wage. Doing this will make a significant change in the community.

  1. Attend Rallies To Increase Awareness

Another way to end poverty is to attend rallies to increase awareness. You can participate in any peaceful demonstration to express your feelings and grab the community’s attention to fight poverty. Some organizations help organize these events and support those affected by poverty. Joining hands will force the community to listen and help solve the situation.

  1. Provide Paid Leave And Sick Days

If you’re successful in your community, create a job opportunity for the poor, then provide paid leave and paid sick days. Even though it’s your investment, imagining having to work continuously without taking a rest can hurt your employees physically and even mentally. And not to mention the hurt they’ll feel if the leave and sick days are unpaid.  

Additionally, if the team member is earning under the medium earning, consider offering stipends for childcare. It helps the team member not to choose between using their income and childcare for medication.

  1. Educate Everyone

Education helps people acquire knowledge, which will help with their creativity. Education is vital in enhancing someone’s logic when making decisions and in enhancing time management. Besides, it helps people meet job qualifications and secure better jobs. It can also lift people out of extreme poverty.


It is possible to cut poverty in the ways above, but first, consider following its roots. What are the causes? Since every community has different reasons for poverty, there can never be one solution to end it.



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