Here Is All You Need To Know About Macho- Hector Camacho!

Hector Luis Camacho Matias opened his eyes for the first time in May 1962. His proponents know Camacho as a boxer who had won 96 tournaments out of 100. He died of cardiac arrest when he was 50 years old. The article will shed light upon some interesting facts related to his death, marriage and professional success as a champion and a tough competitor as his contemporaries called him. Hector Camacho net worth is also discussed at the end of the article.

  1. He was born to Maria Matias in the small town Bayamon in 1962. He remained there for three years and his four siblings: Esperanza, Felix, Raquel and Estrella. 
  2. Things did not work between Camacho’s parents, so they got separated. His mother then took him and his siblings to the city which never sleeps- New York City. He used to live in a housing scheme run by Spanish Harlem. He went to jail when he was 15 due to frequent involvement in fights with street boys. 
  3. Flannery once recommended that he become a part of Golden Glove Competitions. He took part in the competition and cherished every moment. Thereafter, he opted for boxing as a career for himself. He had won the Golden Glove Championship three times during his career. 
  4. In November 2012, when he was 50 years old, he passed by the highway when a fast running black car caught him. The unknown man shot him crushing his mandibles and fracturing the arteries responsible for carrying oxygenated blood towards the brain. He was rushed to the nearby hospital instantly, but paramedical staff declared that his brain cells had died due to the loss of oxygen supply to the brain. 
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  6. Camacho was announced dead by the local doctors at midnight. Medical officers told the media and the family that he could not survive the heart attack. 
  7. His fans knew Camacho as ‘Macho’. When he was inquired about this nickname, he asserted that his International colleagues find it hard to pronounce his real name, so, for convenience, they call him Macho. Some reports declare that he was named Macho by his father because he was the last born child, so he would lovingly call him Macho. 
  8. Hector Camacho net worth fluctuated between figure 90 and 100 thousand USD. His primary source of income was boxing tournaments at national and international levels. 

Final Statement

Hector Luis Camacho Matias rose to prominence after winning the World Championship thrice during his 30 years long career. He was born in 1962 in a small town named Bayamon. He stayed there for three years, and after his parents got divorced, he went to New York City with his siblings and mother. In his 30 years long professional career, he had participated in 100 matches and has won 96. In 1980, he won Intercity Golden Gloves Championship after battling hard with Chicago players. Hector Camacho net worth was between 90 to 100k USD. 


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