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Cuban Link Chains. How to Wear?

Cuban link chains
Cuban link chains

Cuban Link Chains. How to Wear?

While a few years ago, jewelry used to be a concept only limited to women fashion, it is massively changing now. Men started donning some trendy pieces in jewelry a few years ago, and with its increasing demand among this gender, the fashion industry adapted accordingly.

Now, men’s jewelry has its own trendy ranges, and people have adopted it well. Not only are the jewelry pieces gorgeous and stylish to wear, but they are in everlasting fashion too. This means they are so chic they will look good with anything to wear, in any era you want. One such piece happens to be the Cuban link chains.

The Cuban Link chains are neck chains with a linkage appearance mostly often found in the shades of silver and copper. This particular neckpiece has many styles with which it can go well, and some of them are mentioned here:

Ways to Style Cuban Link Chains:

Cuban links chains are one of the trendiest and most worn pieces in men’s fashion. These particular neckpieces, when launched, were seen as a street style and hip hop fashion, but that is changing now.

The chains are now styled with every possible outfit, from formals to casuals. So, if you want to style these necklaces on various outfits but don’t know how well it will look or how to do that, here are some cool ways to wear Cuban link chains:

  • Cuban Chain Over a Formal Outfit:

How does a neck piece which has always been associated with backstreet fashions and hip hop trends go well with a formal outfit? Sounds absurd and quite impossible, right?

Well, Jay Z knows how to break limited fashion boundaries and step out of exclusive fashions and similar to his look, you can style your own outfit too. Wear a shirt with a dark blazer or pants. Put on a bow tie, and wear a chain around. Once done, you definitely will kill the Cuban link chain on a luxurious outfit.

  • The Basic Outfit:

Not everyone likes dressing up every day, and many people are comfortable in the basics of clothing most often. If you are one of such people, Cuban link chains can still go well with your minimalistic outfits. One of the best parts about these neckpieces is their ability to look great on all kinds of outfits. So, a black or white T-shirt, some casual jeans and this Cuban link chain will make you look sharp for any casual outing or a very casual date too.

If you want to add a little spice, throwing a leather jacket over this outfit will hurt no one.

  • Summer/Beach Parties:

While the colder months may limit your activities and keep you within your home, summer is all about beach parties and cool drinks. Hence, if you have big plans for the summer, don’t forget to buy a Cuban chain.

This piece will help you elevate all your summer outfits and make you look amazing. So, if you are going to the beach party shirtless or wearing a white vest top, the Cuban link chain will sit perfectly on all.

  • On Your Coats:

Why limit such a trendy piece to the warm months of summer only? If you truly are a fan of some Cuban link chains, you might want to style it on your winter wardrobe, too, and it is just as easy.

Wear your Cuban chains either over your long coats with some attractive pendants to make them stand out or wear them like a choker on your shirts with an open jacket. The Cuban chains will elevate your winter looks to the next level.

  • Wear it Like a Choker:

If you aren’t feeling the long-chain look, why not make it short? Well, Rihanna did a Cuban choker chain over one of her dresses, and needless to say, it looked very chic, so why can’t you? Fashion statements are meant to be copied, which is how trends exist.

Make a choker out of your Cuban chain, and then don it on outfits with which it will go the best.

  • The Kanye Look:

Kanye wears a combination of the most clashing colors and different outfits, which somehow go well together. The rapper and singer know his style, which might not resonate with all of you, but certainly works with him.

A knitted sweater with a denim jacket and a chain isn’t a style everyone will pick up. However, if you are bold, brave and confident like Mr. West, then you sure will love to try out some of his styles.

  • Chain over Chain look:

Cuban Link Chains come in various lengths and widths. People like to wear two different lengths or widths together because not only does it looks classy, but it is very attractive too. On a plain outfit, this will look very chic and elevate your overall basic outfit.


Cuban Chains are versatile pieces of jewelry. It is basic yet chic and hence goes well with various outfits and has been immersed in many fashion trends. However, these were only some limited uses and ways to style a Cuban chain, and if you are a fashion enthusiast or someone who likes to experiment, you can always create your own look.

Fashion doesn’t have any boundaries, and it allows people to be creative as they want to. So, if you like to wear some Cuban link chains, try pairing them with outfits of your choice too, and who knows, you might start a fashion trend?



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