Little Alchemy is a free amusement and informational online gaming platform that help to learn how to make several different and amazing combinations from starting four basic elements that are the origin of the remaining elements that form later in the game. In this game, you will also learn how to make an egg in Little Alchemy and further, the game provides you with cheats, hints or clues that will guide you on how you can make other elements from an egg.

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1. Egg+Pond=Hard Roe

Fish and fish, after fertilization, lay eggs, and these eggs need a unique aquatic environment like a pond to get their natural habitat, protection and nourishment. Even the fishes that contain roe in their ovaries need a pond environment to live and lay them out. Hard roe is a collection of ripened eggs in the ovaries or the pond. 

2. Egg+Oil=Mayonnaise 

Mayonnaise is a thick sauce that is delicious with burgers, French fries, pizza, sandwiches and many more. The basic constituents of mayonnaise are oil and emulsifying eggs. You have to beat the egg white and oil well manually or in a blender to get mayonnaise. 

3. Egg+Sand=Turtle

You know that reproduction is a cyclic process once an individual lay an egg or babies and then these babies or eggs after complete development and at the stage of puberty again lay eggs or babies after mating and so on. The same is the case with a turtle; a turtle that is reptile lay eggs, and these eggs require sand as a nest to get protection from the predators and development until the hatching of a new turtle. 

4. Egg+Flour=Pasta 

Pasta is considered a delicious and healthy meal and is eaten continentally all over the world. It is made from eggs and dough of wheat flour. 

5. Egg+Chocolate=Cadbury Eggs

Cadbury cream eggs were chocolate-filled egg-shaped, chocolate shell, kid’s favourite to eat. So the source of Cadbury eggs is chocolate and egg. 

6. Egg+Nest=Bird 

The birds lay eggs after mating, and they need a specific environment to keep their eggs and shelter them from the other birds. So for the safe hatching of a bird, there should be an egg in a nest. 

7. Egg+Fire=Omelette 

Omelette can be of many types; it can be a vegetable omelette, a salad omelette or a cheese omelette depends on your taste. We require an egg first to make an omelette; then, we mix the other ingredients according to our desire then we need fire to fry the egg that will ultimately make the delicious omelette. 

8. Egg+Livestock=Chicken 

Livestock refers to the domestic animals that grow in a specific environment to get useful things like meat, wool, milk, etc. For example, eggs are produced in a huge number in natural and artificial conditions like incubators to make a chicken from which we can get proteinaceous meat, Also Read more about how to make How to Make Paper in Little Alchemy.

Last Words 

Little Alchemy is such an amazing game where you can get what you want. If you are confused in your daily life about a particular thing and how it can be made from various aspects, you can seek help from both versions of Little Alchemy. You don’t have to spend much time finding because it gives you clues that save your time. Play it now to see more!


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