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Conclusions in the coursework: tips and tricks

This article will discuss how to write a conclusion to the coursework. Quite often students have difficulties when they have to formulate a conclusion, although the whole work is written almost perfectly. For most students, it is simply not clear what should be written in the conclusion to the term paper. However, if you really want to know how to write a conclusion, we will try to help you with this.

How to write a conclusion to the coursework?

In order to correctly write the conclusion of the coursework, it is necessary to clearly imagine what is a coursework in general. This work can be divided into 3 parts: Introduction, Main part and Conclusion. As a rule, all term papers contain these three parts. By the way, the school most likely teaches the same division of labor.

Now it is necessary to understand in more detail each part separately.

Introduction. Here you should write what you want to tell in the whole work. In other words, you write a rough plan and content of the coursework. The introduction prescribes all the actions that you will perform in this work. In this part, be sure to write the purpose of writing a term paper.

Main part. As for the main part, here you are required to describe in detail what you do, based on the objectives and goals set in the introduction. The main task of the main part – the implementation of the purpose of the coursework. When you have completed all the tasks outlined in the introduction, your term paper can be considered complete. Now all that remains is to summarize, or briefly describe all that you have done and achieved. A short description is called a conclusion, which can be placed on 2-3 pages.

Conclusion. Therefore, the conclusions or conclusion of the coursework must be written after the main part has been written. There are cases when students write first the main part, and then just start thinking about the introduction. This is, of course, acceptable, but only for those students who clearly know what they want to achieve at the end of the work, what tasks they face.

When to write a conclusion for a term paper?

In this way, students make an introduction in their head and then write it down on paper. If you doubt your ability to hold all the memories, the whole action plan of the coursework, then of course it is better to start your work with the introduction and write down all the necessary points.

It turns out that the introduction can be written both before and after the main part. However, the conclusion will not work, the conclusion is written only after you have already achieved some results, achieved certain goals and objectives, and this can be done after writing the main part.

For the correct writing of the conclusion it is necessary to choose from all coursework the most important and significant moments. As mentioned above, the conclusion should not take more than 2-3 pages. Based on this, you need to select a limited amount of material from the main part of the work.

How to determine what should be taken to conclude, and what not?

Suddenly the material will be unimportant and unnecessary for the teacher? The answer to this question can be written by re-reading the main part, and taking a small piece of material from each part. example:

  • From the introduction – you can take the purpose and objectives of the coursework
  • From the main part – each specific result achieved through the study

It is not necessary to rewrite word for word, you just need to summarize the results of research work in your own words. Translate this text in your own words, add some analytical information with numbers, make the passage unique. In order not to say too many unnecessary words, we will give an example of one conclusion, and show in practice how you can correct the same text so that it looks better and does not cause questions to the teacher.

An example of a conclusion in a term paper

Now you will see a vivid example of how you can correctly write the end of the coursework. The work itself is related to joint stock companies.

A small part of the introduction:

“The main purpose of this coursework is to review and study the general principle of joint-stock companies. Research is needed to find out how businesses work and what legal forms are used. ”

The data obtained as a result of the study will be an indispensable tool in understanding the legal point of view of business in general, one of the structural units of which are joint stock companies. To achieve this goal it is necessary to set tasks that will help to carefully study this issue:

The concept of a joint stock company. First of all, it is necessary to define the general provisions of joint-stock companies, to reveal this concept, to mark all the related terms.

Types of joint stock companies. On the basis of the studied material it is necessary to investigate all possible types of joint-stock companies. There are open and closed joint stock companies. At the final stage of disclosure of this task, it is necessary to identify common and distinctive features of existing types, important messages in the modern business community.

Creation, development and liquidation of joint stock companies

Having this material, we rework it, and write taking into account the work of the following:

”Joint stock companies are widespread not only in USA but also in many other countries. Of course, the volume of this coursework does not allow to tell in detail about all aspects of the functioning and operation of entire institutions of joint stock companies. However, based on the tasks, it was possible to reveal the general principles of joint-stock companies as an organizational and legal form of various enterprises.

At the initial stage, it was possible to fully disclose the basic concepts, terms associated with joint stock companies. On the basis of the received material similarities and differences between types of joint-stock companies were defined. To fully disclose the goal, the author of this coursework considered an important issue about the process of joint-stock companies – from their creation to possible liquidation. The issue of the charter of the joint-stock company, which is the main document of the organizational and legal form, was also raised.

Now you see that there is nothing complicated in writing a conclusion. You simply retell in your own words what was written in the introduction. At the same time, you are not writing what you are going to do, but what you have already done successfully. Such actions of yours will not be considered as a mistake, and will not cause criticism from the teacher. Moreover, most writers resort to such manipulation, who at the end of the book remind the reader of where it all began.

Now we should give an example of an excerpt written in the main part of the research work:

”… In the process of work of a joint-stock company one of the important and obligatory elements is considered to be the general meeting of shareholders. Under current law, meetings must be held at least once a year. In the event that a meeting is convened two or more times a year, it may suggest that society has serious difficulties in a particular area of ​​work that require immediate discussion and concrete steps to remedy the situation…”

The same material is now described in the conclusion:

”… It should be understood that the system of corporate governance in the country should cover not only the successful operation of the company and its current profits, but also the creation of effective internal management structures. The main task of such structures is to conduct business successfully not only at this stage, but also with a view to the future, which will promote economic growth and attract investment…”

This is the conclusion for any term paper. Now you know how to do it right, so you can immediately begin to qualitatively and quickly complete your research work or just get a paper writing help.

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