If you are looking for a question about which dessert shares its name with a Korean food made with intestines, you will get the proper and satisfactory answer here. Sundae is the most popular Korean food. Sundae is the demand of people as a typical food in South and North Korea. Sundae is formed by a rushing cow or may originate from the pig’s intestines with various components in them. Sundae is considered an unfamiliar food that people eat as a snack. Sundae is steamed and served to people with steamed lungs and liver.

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A Korean Food Named Sundae

Sundae is street food in Korea. It is more likely eaten in South and North Korea. Sundae is a blood-snag food in Korea and was made first time in the Goryeo period; moreover, it is made by getting the rushing cow or pig intestines. Their intestines are filled with the desired taste ingredients as vegetables or noodles. It has been eaten from Jason’s period, and taste can vary according to the particular place. Instead of intestines, Sundae can be made by an octopus or any other seafood. The intestine of the pig is filled with noodles, the blood of pig, barley, or rice mostly.

How to Make Sundae with Full Recipe?

Sundae is made by filling the noodles and blood of porker in the intestine of the boar or cow. Then, to give a better taste and eat, Sundae is placed in a pot to boil or steam. The blood in Sundae gives it blood sausage uniformity. Therefore, its taste can vary according to the place. The main ingredients used to make Sundae are beans, runt, gimchi, tofu, or leaves of peril in place of noodles. In the pace of the intestine, crabs, octopus, cuttlefish, or much other seafood is used.

Historical Information of Sundae

It was the Goryeo time when Sundae was made the first time. It was cooked with meat of rats or rodents and served to banquets that were a family in Korea. It was done during special events and holidays for enjoyment. At starting, meat was filled in the intestines, but later on, it was replaced with potato noodles or transparent noodles. These noodles were also called glass noodles.

Glass noodles are made with sweet potatoes full of starch or beans in the war in South Korea. Sundae became popular day by day because of its low price and taste familiar to people of Korea. The restaurants that prepare Sundae are served decorated with orange tents to show that Sundae is available here.

Best Way to Consume Sundae

Sundae is served with salt to taste with different sausages, green chili, and pepper. Small pieces of rice cake are cooked in the sausage that is spicy and hot, served with steamed lungs or liver. Sundae is frozen yogurt in nature, popular in American food. It surpasses with choco chips, cream, nuts, sauces, and pecans to better taste and energy.


All the facts about the history, taste, preparation, and consumption of Sundae have given above. Sundae is the desert that gives its common name to Korean food made with intestines named Sundae food. For a long time, Sundae is the most famous street food in Korea now.


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