Esport stands for electronic sports. As digitalization is prevailing worldwide, it’s one significant step is in the world of Esports. If you want to see your child as a millionaire interested in video games, let him do it because he is under an umbrella to pursue his career. In เกมส์อีสปอร์ต , gamers get cash prizes on higher-level games. There are Esports stadiums in countries like South Korea and Thailand.

If you are still underestimating or unaware of Esports, then scroll down and make your perspective correct!

#1. First Held in the ’70s

Esports might sound new to you. But according to  ข่าวesport , the first-ever tournament was held in 1972.

#2. Revolution in the World of Sports

Analysts spotted Esports as a future of sports because of its gamification to the players and the viewers. Moreover, unlike other sports, consumers can take part in the tournaments.

#3. Affordable Platform to Play

Esports don’t require a PC or a high-priced laptop; you can play on your smartphones of affordable range. And that’s why expanding its business day by day.

#4. Esports Athlete as a Professional Athlete

The players get fame and pursue a career just like professional athletes because they are legally recognized. Esports players get training like skilled competitors; genius gamers yet face professional finishing sports injuries. Yet, they get all privileges as a professional player.

#5. You Can be an Esports Player and a Content Writer

If a company sponsors you as a player, you can write blogs for the company and become a professional gamer and content creator.

#6. Esports Welcome Investors Globally

The world’s renowned investors now prefer to invest in Esports companies. So they pick out the highly rated companies and support to get 10X.

#7. No Age Limit to Start Esports Career

According to the world records, the youngest girl who won the champion league was only 6years old. So you can join the platform now without any hesitation!

#8. Real Athletes are Noticing Esports

The real world champions are now taking Esports into account because they know the market value and the future of Esports. Notwithstanding NBA and NFL competitors and group proprietors heading up Esports groups, other persuasive individuals are additionally becoming tied up with the pattern.

#9. Record-Breaking Viewership

In the 2020 championship of League of Legends, there was a record-breaking viewership of millions. The live events were also on the top trend with a viewership of 1200 million+. Pretty amazing!

#10. Esports as a Big Market

By 2023, the companies, players and investors will make a significant global Esports industry billion dollars.

#11. Licensed Broadcasting Channels

In the future, Esports will launch its official channel that will broadcast all the events and the news related to Esports with 24/7 active services. Some tracks are still broadcasting Esports news daily. Stay tuned!

#12. Esports As an Academic Hub

Like other fields, Esports also require professionally skilled team persons; some universities in the United States are offering bachelors and masters degrees in the areas relevant to Esports. Almost 1200 jobs were provided in the United Kingdom in the Esports sector.


The intense passion of people of all ages to become a player is making Esports world’s number one market where everyone is welcomed to be a part of this online global gaming platform. So, if you want to be a part of this amazing gaming world and become a champion, then visit us today!


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