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All You Need to Know about Multilayer PCB | CAMTECH PCB

multilayer PCB
multilayer PCB

The designs of multilayer PCBs are unique and specialized. They have three layers of conductive copper under several layers. CAMTECH PCB manufactures PCB boards that are reliable and professional. It has an international market. It has a production base of its own, and the location is Shenzhen, Zhuhai, China. They export PCBs mainly to the markets of Europe and North America. 

Read below to know further about CAMPTECH PCB and multilayer PCB!

Get to Know about CAMPTECH PCB

The company, CAMPTECH PCB, was first launched in 2002. It has three modernized factories in Zhuhai city. The factories PCB and FPC have workers that are 3000 in number or more whereas the capacity for annual production is 1500000 m2 or more.

They have their capability for production, and the resource is located in the centre. They offer service for one stop from small to mass production. They assure delivery and quality according to customized requests. The response will be fast, and you will get professional service from them.

They are known for the properties of their products, reliable quality, and high precision. Both assembly and manufacturing of PCB are included.  

Discussing Multilayer PCB

They are circuits of high frequency. Their requirements are stringent in terms of signal speed, tolerances, material, circuit design, and signal loss. The manufacturing of multilayer PCBs is the camtech circuits. They are specialized designs with high frequency. If you face any difficulty while using or knowing multilayer PCB or RF/microwave circuits, you can ask questions from our knowledgeable team available on-site. 

Prominent Advantages

  • The difficult board is able for multilayer, roger, and HDI.
  • The factory has 1500,000 m² of capacity.
  • The certificate and compliances include US & Canada UL certificates, TS 16949 & RoHS compliance, and ISO 9001.
  • Delivery time is quick. For Europe and USA, they require 2 days. 

High-End Board Supplier & Manufacturer

This multilayer PCB has 18 layers. The color of their solder mask is green. The thickness is 5.4+-0.5mm. The ratio of thickness to diameter is 5.3133. Their surface treatment is ENIG. The application used is a transformer. 

6 Layers Circuit Board Printed

The surface treatment is lead-free HAL. The thickness of the board is 1.6mm. This is the usual thickness of the PCB board. Inner copper is 2OZ. The thickness of the copper board is usually 1OZ. If the board has thicker copper, the greater current can transfer. The minimum hole and line width are 0.3mm and 0.1mm. The application is for automotive. 

Some Important Features

  • A Multilayer of high precision is needed for use in automotive electronics. 
  • The international quality system generated a certificate to pass the quality.
  • As the standard for quality is always high, the company aspires to be the top enterprise in PCB.
  • Vast experience has been gained in risk control, industrial standards, and technology innovation. 

4 Layers of the Printed Circuit Board

The specifications are the same as of 6 layers printed board. This is for customers in the Czech Republic. Whenever they purchase, we ship time the required PCBs. It promotes long-term cooperation. Customer feedback helps us to improve continuously. 


CAMPTECH PCB is reliable and professional. PCB supplier in the city of Shenzhen and Zhuhai. There are many PCBs offered by the company. This article focused on multilayer PCB that is developed by CAMPTECH PCB. Their further printed boards, along with their specifications, are also mentioned.



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