8 Facts about the Ex-Husband of Bra Refaeli!

Bra Refaeli ex-husband came into the spotlight after they tied a knot at a wedding ceremony. Her ex-husband, Arik Weinstein, is an author of the book ‘The Untold Story’ and a qualified aircraft technician. The article revolves around Arik Weinstein net worth, his current wife and children, his interests and social media appearances.

If you are an inquisitive person and want to know more about him, you are landed at the right place. Read the article to the end to get an insight into his life!

  1. Arik Weinstein was born in the house of Reuven Weinstein and his beloved wife in the 1980s. 
  2. Weinstein was born in Israel. His parents then moved into America in search of quality life, education and more opportunities to explore the world from different dimensions. Owing to this, it might not be a fallacy to jot down that he is a proud holder of dual nationalities. 
  3. He rose to fame after he tied the knot with an Israeli supermodel, Bra Refaeli, in a closed ceremony attended by a bulk of acquaintances, friends and family members with whom the couple shares cordial and warm relations. The people who heeded the wedding showered their countless blessings and prayers upon the newlywed couple. 
  4. Weinstein was an avid and keen reader since his childhood. He had this dream that the world would know him as an author one day. He fulfilled his dream by publishing his debut novel ‘The Untold Story’. The Untold Story is available on Amazon for 5 dollars. This book could not earn him the name on the list of best selling authors, but it did introduce him to the world of writers and readers. 
  5. Weinstein married his second wife after his divorce from the supermodel and International icon. Weinstein does not share information about his current wife on his social media handles. But, it seems like he is amusingly spending days and nights with his wife and children.
  6. Weinstein has one son and one daughter. His daughter- Dana Weinstein- is a gorgeous and charming young lady. Now and then, he does share a glimpse of his children with his followers on Instagram and Twitter. His son- Etay Weinstein- has grown up to become a handsome and charming man. 
  7. Arik Weinstein holds alone a net worth of about 18 million dollars. He earns this enormous sum of money by his career as a mechanic, and he is the CEO of an established and flourished private business. 
  8. His social media posts and images depicts that he is a family person and a husband material who adores his family. He prefers to spend quality time with the family than to go on outdoor trips.


Final Statement

Arik Weinstein is known for being the ex-husband of the Israeli supermodel- Bra Refaeli. Weinstein was brought into America when he was still a child. He wrote a book ‘The Untold Story, which is available on Amazon for 5 dollars. After his divorce from Bra Refaeli, he married his second wife and is living a luxurious and comfortable life with his family. He owns a business and works as an engineer, making his net worth 18 million dollars. Read some Facts About Amy Locane.


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