4 Myths About Herbal Medicines Busted

Gone were the days when people used to think that herbal medicine is false or pseudo. Because if it was not working why would we even discuss it. Herbal medicines have been in use for centuries and people do get benefitted from this.

Humans have been treating themselves for quite some time with these medicines. The environment in which we have been living is quite harsh and that is why we tend to get ill a lot of the time. This is when these medicines came into play.

On a personal account when I visited Dr. Bilquis Clinic, I got to learn about these myths that have been circulating around for some time. So today we will be busting these myths about herbal medicine.

Busting the Myths

Herbs have been a part of the medicinal culture for quite some time. It is something that is of cultural value because this knowledge passes from generation to generation. Every culture uses this knowledge and treats its patients accordingly.

So something like this which is such a common thing and has been happening for centuries. There is a need to bust the rumors that have been circulating around for some time.

Myth 1: An Expensive Means of Remedy

No that is so not true. The price that you pay for the herbal medicine you should keep in check the overall process of their growth to them being available for your use. You have to understand the overall process before you start the nagging that these medicines are expensive or out of the reach.

First, there is a production process and then the farmer picks them, then comes the processing. With this comes the manufacturing and then you find them on your shelf. So all the money that you have been paying is for the trouble that the farmer goes through before making sure that you get to enjoy the benefits of herbal medicine.

Furthermore, these medicines are not federally supported so that is why they can be a bit expensive.

Myth 2: These Medicines are Safe

There is a need for people to understand that if something is natural then it means that it is safe. Because we are all aware of the fact that even some plants that are available in nature can be poisonous.

The thing with medicines is that high doses can be quite damaging for your body that is why it is important for you to get consent from a professional medical practitioner. Therefore you should use these medicines.

Myth 3: Herbal Science Is Not A Real Science

This statement is the exact opposite of reality. If there is anything it is that this science is one of the basic and fundamental medical practices that has paved the way for future developments in the field of medicine.

The use of herbs to treat medical conditions has been a part of various cultures and that is why it is something that has been known to man for a long time.

Myth 4: It Takes Up a lot of Time to Work

This is something that is possible in all of the existing medical remedies. Even in the case of allopathy sometimes the disease has spread to such a disastrous level that the treatment takes some time. The same is the case for the herbal treatment. It is something that takes time.

So it is wrong of us to say that herbal medicine is the only medicinal treatment that is time taking. Because it is so not true.

Myth 4: There is No Research Work for It

So not true!

There is a lot of groundwork that goes before these medicines are available for the general public to use. It is extremely wrong of us to declare that there is no research when it comes to these medicines.

Gone are the days when herbal treatment was thought to be fake or phoney. Why would we even talk about it if it wasn’t working? Herbal treatments have been used for years, and they have proven to be beneficial to humans.

Humans have been using these medications to treat themselves for a long time. The atmosphere in which we have been living has been rather severe, which is why we have been sick so frequently. This is when these medications became useful.

Researchers pay special attention to the constituent and the biochemistry of the herbs and also take account of the allergies that these medicines could cause. So that is why it is wrong of us to declare that these medicines are not worth it because they are.

Closing Remarks

Herbal medicine and its usage for the treatment of medical issues have been going on for centuries. It is important for people to know the truth of the matters so that they can get benefited from science on a bigger scale. Thus make sure that you are filtering out the truth from all the layers of street talk.


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