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3 Tips For Reorganizing Your Beauty Kit

beauty kit
beauty kit

It’s not unusual to have a beauty kit that is completely disorganized. The difficulty with this is that you end up with a bag where you are unable to find anything you need.

This article explores ways you can reorganize your beauty kit to get the most from it!

Throw It Away!

Chances are you have many items in your make-up and skincare kit that you either do not use or are that out of date.

Most of us at some point purchase items that we find we do not like, but rather than waste the money, we hang onto them for no good reason. To avoid this, it’s always a good idea to visit cosmetic counters in malls before purchasing to try samples and see if the product will actually suit you.

However, if you have already purchased an item then either throw it away or gift it to someone who will use it.

In addition, make sure you throw away older products, as things like mascara can grow bacteria, which may cause infection, so you should adhere to the shelf lives of products.  Most of the time, the usable time of a product will be on the label, but you can use this guide if you are not sure.

When you get a new item, it is worth sticking a small label on it with the month and year of purchase. This way, you know how long you have had the item and do a clear-out once a month with items that are beyond their shelf life.


Being organized is as much about storing items as it is the items you have in your box.

There are many options for storing your makeup, but it is useful to have storage accessories with different compartments. For example, plastic desk storage units have multiple spaces, or use makeup bags with different compartments.

This will allow you to choose how you want to store your kit. For example, some people may want to keep eyeshadows separate from foundations and lipsticks. Whereas others may choose to store everyday essentials separately from their glam night out kit.

Options for storage can include baskets, makeup bags, vanity cases, and plastic cosmetic holders.

If you store everything well, you will also get longer from your products, as extreme temperatures can play havoc with your makeup and skincare items. Good storage is therefore essential for longevity and organization.

Sometimes You Need To Start From Scratch!

If your beauty kit is outdated and you don’t feel it suits you anymore, then sometimes it is worth starting from scratch.  By doing this, you can purchase ONLY items you will use, and label/store them in an efficient manner. Sometimes a good clear-out and starting from scratch is the perfect way to declutter and organize.

If you are planning on building a new kit, look for beauty product deals for men and women online that will save you money. You can also use coupon sites to get great deals on your purchases.

You will soon figure out which products you would like to continue using in the long term and create your very own essentials kit, which will stop you from wasting money and help do your bit for the planet by reducing waste in the long term.

Re-organizing your beauty kit doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. If you need to purchase new then look for online deals to do so.

From here, make sure you label and store your makeup and skincare products correctly, and ensure you have a regular monthly clean-out to throw away any products you either do not use or are past their shelf life.



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