3 Causes That Need More Support This 2022


Most people act based on their purpose. It can be for self-gain or for a loved one. Even so, to see exceptional individuals and groups supporting people they aren’t related to without expecting anything in return is a noble deed one cannot deny.

This 2022 is yet another year that brings events showing humanity’s endurance and hope in the face of human conflict, poverty, and turmoil. In response, charitable institutions lend their aid to help ease people’s suffering worldwide.

Whatever your purpose is in life, consider supporting causes that matter if you have something to spare. Give your contribution to help make a better world for everyone.

Check out causes that need support this 2022:

Ending Hunger In Bangladesh

The people of Bangladesh live a life of hunger and distress. Moved by their plight, many concerned individuals choose to donate to Bangladesh to provide food, clothing, and other necessities to the needy, men and women, young and old. 

Bangladesh is a densely populated third-world country with around 160 million people. Twenty-four percent of their population is below the poverty line and their children five years old and below have an astounding 33% malnutrition rate, one of the highest worldwide.

The deplorable situation in Bangladesh was made worse by the political instability due to recent events and calamities like destructive floods damaging the country’s agriculture. Bangladesh was part of India when it was still under British occupation for more than 200 years. Their people faced outright oppression, limiting the population’s access to education and other opportunities, and the British took most of their resources. 

Bangladesh declared its independence in 1971 and became a democratic country in 1990. Nonetheless, the government struggled with domestic turmoil.

Aside from this, Bangladeshi society is discriminatory against women. They endure demeaning practices like child marriages, dowries, and being the last to eat. There are limited opportunities and freedom for women in Bangladeshi culture.

Thankfully, there are charitable institutions committed to helping end hunger and poverty in Bangladesh using sustainable and grassroots strategies. Hence, they provide not only food but also educational opportunities and livelihood programs. 

Helping Victims Of The War In Ukraine

Ukraine is a sovereign country. The nation has been under attack by Russia since February 24, 2022. World leaders condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin’s act of aggression against Ukraine. 

Historians surmise that Putin wants to consolidate his western borders against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). NATO was established in 1949 to ward off a potential threat that the Soviet Union might cause during the Cold War. Still, the organization didn’t dismantle even after the Soviet Union’s downfall in 1991. 

The French invasion in 1812 and the German invasion in 1941 revealed Russia’s vulnerable western border. So, when Ukraine, located near the Russian border, expressed its intent to join NATO, Putin feared facing another foreign invasion. 

Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union until it obtained independence in 1991. Meanwhile, Putin sees himself as the protector of Russian identity and called his invasion of Ukraine a war ‘to liberate the country from modern Nazis.’

Even so, the Ukrainians chose to self-govern. They don’t want to become part of Russia again. There were treaties signed by both countries, indicating that Ukraine would surrender its nuclear arsenal to Russia in exchange for Russia’s respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty. For months, Putin denied any plan of invasion. Yet the presence of Russian troops around the Ukrainian Border to Belarus and Russia proved otherwise. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy vowed to protect the country against the Russian invasion and refused to leave despite other world leaders’ offers to evacuate him, his family, and other government officials. He called for the world to take action and predicted that if Ukraine fell, the world would become closer to yet another world war.

World War I and II inflicted overwhelming damage and loss of life and property. Given how advanced our technology is today, one may never know how horrifying and catastrophic World War III can be.

Aware of Russian aggression and threats to peace, world leaders started imposing economic sanctions on Russia and giving financial and military aid to Ukraine. Russian civilians who disagreed with Putin’s war protested publicly even though they knew that Russian police would put them in jail. Answering the call to arms, foreign fighters have poured into the Ukrainian border to fight alongside their newfound Ukrainian brothers and sisters. 

Consider pushing ideology aside and join the cause for peace. Help protect innocent civilians from being casualties of war. You can share informative content through your social media channel and donate to charitable institutions online.

Addressing Climate Change

The year 2022 showcases technological advancements and a newfound awareness to take good care of the environment. Different sectors cooperate to reduce all forms of pollution, which makes the world hotter and eventually inhabitable.

You don’t need to do the grandest things to help preserve Mother Earth. You can make simple changes in your lifestyle to lessen your carbon footprint. For example, consider carpooling or mass transit, switching to clean and renewable energy sources like solar power, and buying energy-efficient appliances.  

Also, you can use paper bags or bring your own bag instead of single-use plastics. That way, you can help reduce the amount of plastic waste that might end up in rivers and other bodies of water. Plastic can take 20 to 500 years to fully decompose, long enough to contaminate water resources, causing harm to animals in their natural habitat. 


Although 2022 is a year of innovation and progress, we continue to deal with poverty, political conflict, and environmental crisis. For their part, charitable institutions do their best to end human suffering and prevent needless loss of life. For your part, you may consider spreading awareness about the worthy advocacies mentioned above and providing financial aid. 


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