13 Mistakes in Bathroom Design: Useful Tips by Experts

The bathroom is smaller than the living space in the house, but because of the complex microclimate, the technical requirements for its design are much higher. To avoid mistakes in bathroom design, it’s better to learn about them in advance. 

Uncomfortable Layout

The door that rests against the sink, the toilet opposite the shower, the drawers that take up the entire aisle. The smaller the room, the more detailed it should be designed, taking into account its size and the needs of users. In miniature bathrooms, you can limit yourself to the shower and sink to save space.

Bad Ventilation

It causes mold, mildew, and oppressive stuffiness and dampness. Mistakes can concern the design of the ventilation system, the choice of type of ventilation (exhaust or supply), tightness of ventilation ducts, installation of a fan, etc. For additional air supply to the bathroom, choose doors with ventilation grilles.

Improper Wiring

Water and current are dangerous neighbors, so it’s crucial to follow the necessary rules and regulations when wiring a bathroom. Among them:

  • Outlets are placed no lower than 90 cm from the floor and a minimum of 60 cm from wet areas (bathtub and washbasin).
  • The cable from the outdoor junction box is used only in one piece, without strings and additional connections.
  • Sockets must be with a mandatory grounding and moisture-proof cover.
  • Extension cord is the enemy of the bathroom.

Failure to Waterproof

Ignoring it to save money on gambling at https://www.playamo.com/games or going out with friends can later cost more. A layer of waterproofing is placed between the base of the floor, the wall and the finish. To protect against leaks, install special sensors.

Moisture Sensitive Materials

Natural wood, plasterboard, paper wallpaper, and other materials that are poorly tolerant of moisture are terrible for finishing wet areas. Various moisture-resistant compounds can partially solve the situation, but for decorating areas with high humidity (sinks or showers), it’s better to give preference to those that are practical, hygienic and easy to care for.

Slippery Floor

This mistake can seriously threaten the safety of bathroom users. To correct it will help a mat on a rubber or silicone basis, or a special anti-slip agent for treating ceramic tiles and Maintianing Bathroom tiles. But it’s better to choose anti-slip series by class beforehand:

Fancy Shower Curtains

This insignificant detail can nullify the impeccable bathroom layout and finish. Bright drawings, photo-adornments and ruffles will be fun for a short time. Soon their inconsistency with the overall style of the bathroom will become obvious, and the space will lose its harmony and charm. Designers advise choosing single-colored curtains with a neutral shade, or install glass doors.

An Abundance of Different Finishing Materials

One wall of tiles, another – of marble, the third – of plastic, and on the floor – concrete – such a variety of materials is an unfortunate idea, violating the visual balance and reducing space. Two or three types of trim with one accent is enough. It’s desirable to coordinate them with fittings and faucets.

Lack of Decor

Minimalist bathroom with clean lines and hidden storage system – it’s stylish and modern. But without a single decorative detail, it will look unfinished and characterless. Add to it 2-3 accessories (a vase with flowers, a statue, a set of candles or an unusual lamp) and the picture will immediately come alive.

Single-layer Lighting

Ceiling spotlights with a chandelier or lamps and sconces around a mirror? To choose one thing is wrong. The bathroom interior, as in the rest of the room, needs a carefully considered “three-layer” lighting scenario with general, working and accent lighting.

Dismantling the Towel Rail

If the bathroom doesn’t have underfloor heating, you should not neglect the towel rail. It is able to get rid of excess moisture not only towels, but also the air in the bathroom. And in the cold season it’s an additional source of heat.

Lack of Storage Space

Saving space in a small bathroom is justified, if it isn’t to the detriment of the storage system. Even in conditions of strict minimalism and small space, it is necessary to provide convenient solutions for placing things. This can be hidden niches, neat shelves or baskets.

Everything in Full View

Open shelves and shelving can be a convenient solution for the bathroom. But when they are densely packed with lots of bottles and tubes, the bathroom interior seems unkempt. Leave only the essential items with a couple or three expressive accessories in plain sight.


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