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ZED EAST Apartments For Sale

ZED EAST Apartments
ZED EAST Apartments

Many people are seeking ZED EAST apartments for sale in New Cairo, a magnificent place with all the benefits. It’s among the tallest regions, meticulously and properly planned, with wide roads, picturesque areas, and a wide variety of areas, making it a superb choice for anybody searching for luxury housing and a tranquil life with all the amenities.

ZED EAST Apartments In New Cairo

El Yasmeen Neighborhood

The central location is between the areas of AUC, New Cairo, and Nasr City, which places it near all major facilities in the Greater Cairo area. They have assigned this to units of the villa and apartment types with tight spaces. In terms of unit costs, it is among the most affluent areas. With many benefits, the typical cost of ZED EAST apartments for sale in New Cairo in this upmarket area begins at 1,250,000 EGP. It has a unique position on 90th Street and is close to various vital services. As a result, many people began looking for apartments for sale in New Cairo in installments to benefit from its services.

El-Lotus neighborhood

It is among the fifth settlement neighborhoods. However, it was named after the Lotus flower, inspired by its form. The going value of apartments in New Cairo has begun at 700,000 pounds. It is the second choice for individuals seeking distinctive homes with an integrated lifestyle. Because of the availability of all service amenities, the population is self-sufficient and lacks nothing.

90th Street

It is the region’s major thoroughfare, with several processes starting from administrative to retail to academic to leisure. It also has a demand for residential developments, the most notable of which are Mivida New Cairo, Mountain View New Cairo, Zizinia, and the Lake View complex. Furthermore, the Square New Cairo, Al Masraweya, and Cairo Festival developments have all raised rental rates in this neighborhood above neighboring places. The typical price, however, begins at 2,000,000 pounds.

Al Narges neighborhood

Everyone seeking their ZED EAST apartments for sale in New Cairo may come to the Al Narges area to experience a calm life and a clean environment. The green areas comprised a sizable portion, adding a lovely and appealing ambiance to the flats. The apartments inside this community ranged from duplexes to penthouses, with costs beginning at 600.000 pounds.

El-Banafseg neighborhood

When discussing the neighborhoods of the peculiar fifth settlement, the El-Banafseg area must be included. Its beautiful patterns and well-organized, comfy sections distinguish it from others. It offers a wide range of services, yet the unit rates are low relative to other places. Apartments in New Cairo are anticipated to cost around 8.200 pounds per meter. Furthermore, villas start at 12.200 pounds per square meter.

South Academy neighborhood

Because of its favorable position adjacent to the far more vital facilities, the South Academy neighborhood is among the most expensive residential districts in terms of costs. Nevertheless, the going value of ZED EAST apartments for sale in New Cairo in this location started at 2,000,000 pounds.



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