Proton Therapy: How Is It Used in Germany

The task of modern oncology is not only to destroy the tumor and its metastases but also to do so in a way that minimizes the risk of side effects and complications. Proton therapy meets these requirements to the fullest extent. This sparing and efficient type of radiation therapy is available in the most developed countries, including Germany.

Reviews of proton therapy in Germany indicate that patients have fewer side effects compared to conventional radiotherapy. Due to the properties of proton beams, the treatment makes no harm to healthy tissues, and the tumor receives the maximum radiation dose.

When proton therapy is used

Proton therapy is applied when severe complications are possible in case of healthy tissue damage. Thus, this technique is recommended for patients with neoplasms located near vital organs and systems, e.g. with brain cancer, lung cancer, etc.

Proton therapy is effective against neoplasms with clear boundaries. Generally, it is recommended for patients with malignant neoplasms in the lungs, spine and the spinal cord, head and neck, brain, prostate gland, cervix, and eyes (melanomas specifically).

Depending on the clinical case, proton therapy can be used either as a stand-alone therapy or combined with other treatments to fight cancer. Anyway, the use of proton therapy contributes to significantly improved therapeutic results in severe cases.

How proton therapy is carried out in Germany

Proton therapy in Germany is performed as an outpatient treatment. Often, an entire course takes 5-7 weeks, but in some cases it can be as short as a few days. The duration of every session depends primarily on the stage and type of cancer. The procedure itself takes only about a minute, although patients stay in the treatment room longer – for about 15-20 minutes. This is because personnel need to pay attention to positioning and adjustment of equipment.

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Advantages and disadvantages of proton therapy in Germany

Proton therapy is invaluable in treating neoplasms located near nerve endings, blood vessels, brain, and other vital organs and systems. Proton therapy allows maintaining their functionality without losing the effectiveness of irradiation.

In some cases, proton therapy allows an organ to be preserved, which is not yet possible with other types of cancer treatment. For instance, choroidal melanoma usually requires removal of the entire eye. In German proton therapy centers, it is possible to effectively treat patients without removing the organ.

Another advantage of this technique is its minimal negative impact on healthy tissues, which even the most advanced radiotherapy methods cannot achieve. Moreover, it is possible to destroy both small neoplasms and those that have reached a large size.

The main disadvantage of proton therapy is poor access to the necessary equipment, relative lack of skilled healthcare professionals and high treatment cost. However, some insurance companies provide people with full coverage of cancer treatment.

Undergoing proton therapy during a lockdown

Proton therapy is an innovative treatment technique that is available in modern hospitals, many of which are located in Germany. To visit Germany, you might need to go through additional procedures to arrange the trip during a lockdown. However, going to Germany for proton therapy is still possible.

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