Top 10 Ways To Capture Amazing Wedding Images And Videos With iPhone

We all want to make the special moments of our lives everlasting. Milestones such as graduation, weddings, and anniversaries deserve a special place in our memories. Thanks to smartphones, everyone has the power to capture and store the beauty of these occasions. 

While large devices are restricted to experts and can be intimidating to use, iPhone cameras are way more comfortable to use and deliver outstanding results. The improvised shooting techniques of an iPhone camera rivals many professional devices. You can create lighting effects, mimic overlay shots, and switch filters with a finger’s click, all because of the powerful iPhone camera. 

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of capturing amazing wedding content, we need to prep the device. There are many pros to using an iPhone. It is small, easy to carry, and delivers outstanding results. Here are five steps that get you ready for a deep dive into the world of iPhone photography and videography.

5 Steps to Prep Your Camera for Filming

Step 1: Wipe down your iPhone’s main screen and camera lens with a microfiber cloth.

Step 2: Put your iPhone on Do Not Disturb mode to avoid vibrations or pings chiming in your videos.

Step 3: Inspect the location for lighting and background.

Step 4: Check your phone’s camera storage and make considerable room for videos and photos.

Step 5: Check the phone’s settings and determine the best resolution and exposure options for shooting images and videos.

iPhone Photography: Best Tips & Tricks

The best thing about wedding photography is that you have a lot of areas to play with. From candids to group shots, you can mint stunning pictures by the second, unique to your style and creativity. You also don’t have to work with hundreds of settings and make real-time adjustments to your frames. 

iPhone cameras are sophisticated and have multiple preset filters and settings that anyone can use. Still, there are a couple of ways to enhance your wedding photography skills.

Here are some of them:

  1. Get behind the scenes

When it comes to weddings, it’s the nuances that take the cake. Don’t let the beauty of behind the scenes get lost in the grandeur of larger ceremonies. Capture the laughs, the inside jokes, and the numerous moments of somber emotions that paint the larger picture. 

  1. Avoid using your phone’s flash

Low light can be quite a crisis for mobile photographers, but that doesn’t mean you should resort to flash. Use lightning of open spaces and natural light to power your pictures and avoid using your iPhone’s flash at all costs. 

  1. Keep a uniform orientation

Maintaining uniformity in your pictures is essential for final compilations and image-to-video transitions. You can either go with a horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) frame. Our suggestion is to take all your pictures and videos in landscape orientation. 

  1. Stabilize your camera

Capturing images and videos with an iPhone can be tricky, and no one wants blurry footage and good-for-nothing photos after the ceremony. For best iPhone photography, we’d suggest getting a phone holder. A camera stabilizer or a tripod adds incredible professional value to your videos.

  1. Focus on the frame

Tap and focus! With a click, you can realign the focus of your frame. Photos and videos with larger exposure bleed out of focus, resulting in blurry images. iPhone’s camera moves out of focus at the slightest shift in brightness or exposure. If you don’t want to end up with good-for-nothing photos and zoned-out videos, keep adjusting the focus throughout the shoot. 

  1. Stay on the subject

Weddings have a lot of raw feelings and sudden bursts of emotions that professional cameras tend to miss. With the accessibility of an iPhone camera, you can zoom in and get a hold of these subjects. The most beautiful candids are captured during the pre-ceremony flush. Get the smirk, the sighs, and the hidden gestures of your subject.

  1. Ride the sunlight

When shooting on your iPhone, natural light is your best friend. Natural light adds great value to your photos and makes up for the sparsed resolution of your smartphone’s primary camera lens. Make use of every single minute of it. Chase the sunrise and the golden hour to get the most beautiful photos and videos of your subjects. 

  1. Get the B-roll

B-roll is the junk footage that runs between scenes and builds the narrative of your videos. Your B-roll can be a shot of the crowd or the larger ceremony for weddings. When editing your final footage in an online video editor such as InVideo, you need the extra scenes of loosened-up characters and fun scenes that add to the story. 

  1. Seek inspiration from the surroundings

Weddings are enamored with tons of ceremonies that need a distinctive gaze. Give special preference to those surroundings and drive inspiration from the people you love. Remember, it is a festival of love, and your photos and videos should capture their essence. 

  1.   Tame the overexposure of your frames

Capturing bright objects such as a white wedding gown can be a hassle, as it tunes out of the photo and takes the sole bright spot. Tame the overexposure by bringing the highlight of your frame to a minimum and locking the focus on other areas of the frame. 

Bonus tip: Keep your clips manageable by capturing short videos. 12 – 15 secs is an ideal time frame for shooting videos. 


Recording the precious moments of your life on an iPhone is a fun and hassle-free experience. Whether it is showing your videography prowess for commercial purposes or capturing a personal moment, iPhone’s advanced cameras deliver quality performance for every use. Now that you have all these tips, escape the lagging cameras and lens shuffle for a compact, easy-to-use, and multipurpose smartphone and record the priceless moments of your life. 


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