Tattoos are an all-time favourite for people of all ages. It is sometimes psychology or an inspiration because it has different meanings for different persons depending on their sense of perception. But it is also true that finding a perfect tattoo is hard because it is not about sitting in a tattoo shop and getting artwork from the tattoo maker. You have to be very demanding. Tattoos are also beneficial or harmful for your health because they have significant impressions. So to choose the tattoo of your desire and before going to a tattoo shop, you must read the article ahead to know the details about their designs and types!

#1. Realistic Tattoos 

The different and unique tattoos in their design have a very strong visual effect known as realistic tattoos. These tattoos require a very skilled artist to give the paint the most realistic image of a human, pet, scenery, pictorial message, or flower. 

#2. Surreal Tattoos 

Surreal tattoos are also made only with a highly experienced tattoo artist because they are very exceptional in their design. Although the style varies, the message remains clear and the same, the most famous ones. 

#3. Geometric Tattoos 

As the name of the tattoo indicates, they must be in proper placement to create the simplest and the most complex images with greater accuracy and a strong, appealing effect. The image is sharp, mechanical and bold. 

#4. Hand-Poked Tattoos 

Hand-poked tattoos are different from traditional tattoos because they are not made with the help of conventional tattoo, but it requires a tattoo grade needle and tattoo machine. Although the final picture is not much convincing, the procedure is less painful than the others. 

#5. Black and Grey Tattoos 

It is the most basic tattoo style because it is made with the shading of two main colours, black and grey. Most beginners prefer to get this type of tattoo. 

#6. Portrait Tattoo

Portrait tattoos are marvellous in their features because they are not like imprinting a flower or scenery. Still, it involves the image of a personality, either a celebrity or someone close to the heart. That’s why it requires the perfect portraiture. 

#7. Words and Phrases Tattoos 

These types of tattoos are different from the imaged tattoos. They give their message through a good phrase or a word or possession to someone. They are done with a tattoo pen that a talented tattoo artist can only use. 

#8. UV Tattoos 

These are the traditional tattoos; although they were banned due to some toxic ink reasons, they are again popular because of their special feature as they glow in the dark and give lightning effect in UV rays. 

#9. Minimalistic Tattoos 

Minimalistic tattoos are considered the most simple in design and making because they are not bound to use a specific coloured ink. 

Bottom Line 

The tattoos vary in their shape and design to give a message according to the ideas and the will of the owner. The upper illustrated guide defined the major types and the style. Now it’s up to you what you will choose for yourself. If you are searching for the tattoo shop near you to get the services of the most skilled and experienced artists, you can contact studioaureo!


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