In this typical world of love and drama, many look for fiction. For a while now, film industries are focusing to release fiction, science fiction, and supernatural movies alongside love stories and action films. Specific TV industries such as Marvel and Filmax produce all their films based on supernatural plots. And they end up earning millions because of their documentary film proposal.

Recent releases such as Real Steal, Matrix, Avatar, Avengers, etc., have blown up the film media industry and people wait for the next such release. If we go back a bit, the movies of Jumanji and Jurassic Park were the main films that presented this idea to the film industry. Ever since then, fiction such as Twilight and Vampire Diaries containing vampires and werewolves started being huge hits.

The show My roommate is a Gumiho Dramacool is an example of the never-ending fictional plots that are being produced these days. This South Korean drama is a romance between two opposite beings.

When was it released?

The drama series My roommate is a Gumiho was released in 2021 and is ongoing.

How many seasons and episodes?

This show has 1 season comprising 16 episodes. This was a one-time series show and had completed in the 16th episode.

What is the plot of the story?

The story of My roommate is a Gumiho Dramacool is a different one. Involving a human-shaped creature that has a nine-tailed fox within him. He is 999 years of age and has to swallow human energy in the form of a bead. Before he turns 1000 years old. He meets the main female lead who is assisting her drunk friend to come off of the expensive car. Owned by the main male lead. When she accidentally swallows the bead of the fox. She soon finds out that if the bead stays within her for a whole year, it will break and she will die. The main male lead advises her to stay with him until they figure out a way to take the bead out without killing her. The female character has never had a boyfriend and this encounter with the handsome creature is about to turn her life around.

How was it created?

The show My roommate is a Gumiho Dramacool was created based on a webtoon of the same name. written by Baek Sun-Woo and Choi Bu-Rim, the drama was directed by Nam Sung-Woo and Park Joon Hwa.

Genre of My roommate is a Gumiho Dramacool

This show is a romance, comedy, and fantasy story that keeps its audience mesmerized. As it is a short drama series, viewers enjoy it till the end.


Gumiho is a nine-tail fox in Korean culture. The show My roommate is a Gumiho Dramacool is an excellent example of the fantasy and fictional stories Asian industries are capable of making. You can watch the series on Dramacool and know how they removed (or if they even removed) the fox bead from within the human being. Watch to find out!


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