Is “You are My Glory” Dramacool Worth Watching?

You are My Glory Dramacool
You are My Glory Dramacool

The past never gets too far. People tell you to forget it and focus on your present while building a future. But that is not the right thing to do. The past isn’t meant to be forgotten. It is meant to be accepted. Only by accepting your past can you truly move on.

If you do not accept your past, it will come back to you in a way that will make you admit it. And trust me, then will not be a good time. It takes years to accept your past and come to terms with it. it isn’t a decision made in a few seconds.

Another thing you need to know before diving into this article. Never hurt someone, and never underestimate someone. You never know when that person from your past will become an important part of your present and your future. So be kind to everyone, and everyone will be kind to you.

What is the story about?

The story You are My Glory Dramacool is a Korean drama that revolves around an aerospace engineer and a celebrity who used to go to the same high school. Then, one would not spare the other a second glance, unbeknown to the crush they had. Moreover, even if they did try to approach one another, a proposal would come up which would eventually be rejected.

Now that one is an aerospace engineer and the other is a celebrity trying to make fame in the gaming world, fate reunites the two through online gaming. They gradually fall in love and the story develops into a romance.

The cast of You are My Glory Dramacool

The story has the following cast:

The main leads

Yang Yang stars as the main male lead (Yu Tu) of You are My Glory Dramacool. Dilraba Dilmurat stars as the main female lead (Qiao Jingjing) in the drama.

Supporting roles

The main supporting roles of You are My Glory Dramacool are:

Yu Tu’s family

Cao Yi is Yu Tu’s father.

Cui Yi is Yu Tu’s mother.

Wang Rui as Yu Tu’s cousin (Xiao Liu)

Qiao Jingjing’s family

Wang Quan Yu as Qiao Jingjing’s father

Yan Qingyu as Qiao Jingjing’s mother

Li Ya Ze as Qiao Jingjing’s brother

Zhou Yun Ru as Qiao Jingjing’s sister

Where other than Dramacool can it be watched

The drama You are My Glory Dramacool can most certainly be watched on Dramacool. Other than that, you can watch it on Prime Video, WeTV, KissAsian, IMDB, and many more websites for free.


The first thing that may come to your mind will be, “Is You are My Glory Dramacool worth watching?” The answer is Yes. There aren’t many dramas that give the female lead a chance to step into a world of gaming, let alone be a star in it. Apart from a love story, You


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