Insight Into the Career of Bolo Yeung

Everyone has a different taste for movies, songs, and bands. Movie lovers have categorized movies into romance, action, suspense, fantasy, comedy, drama and the list goes on. Think of romance; Romeo and Juliet will immediately come to your mind. Martial art proponents adore Jackie Chan- a living legend for his exceptional services in this field. Likewise, movie lovers also aspire to become somewhat like Bolo Yeung. If you are a part of his fandom and want to know more about his career, then this article is for you. 

Bolo Yeung 2020 belongs to the Chinese film and sports industry. He has served the nation as a bodybuilder and martial arts and has worked in many martial arts movies. Born in 1946, he kick-off his career as a villain and gained immense popularity through Bolo’s role in entering the Dragon.’ After doing this film, he never looked back and moved on to appear in blockbuster movies of all time. His successful roles include ‘Chang lee’ in the film ‘Blood fight’ and ‘Chong li’ in ‘Blood sport.’ 

He started his martial art training at the age of 10. When he was learning martial arts, he discovered himself as someone fascinated by a person with a strong body and muscles. He then commenced the bodybuilding journey and soon became the Hong Kong bodybuilding champion. He has the special honor of keeping the bodybuilding title for a decade. Shaw Brothers got impressed by his bulky and muscular body, so they cast him as a villain in many movies produced under their banner. Bolo Yeung gave successful hits to Shaw Brothers, and after giving several hits, he left Shaw Brothers in the year 1971. Bolo Yeung’s blockbuster movies as a bad guy include ‘Angry guy,’ ‘The Deadly Duo,’ and ‘The Heroic Ones.’ 

Bolo Yeung 2020 shares a close bond with Bruce Lee. Reports have documented that these two stars met for the first time during an advertisement shoot. Since then, they have been in contact with each other. ‘Bloodsport’ is the movie that made Yeung what he is today. This film was shot on a budget of 1.5 million dollars. Bloodsport became the blockbuster movie of all time, giving him success, wealth, recognition, and popularity. 

One of the famous Canadian directors and producer Jalal Mehri was shooting for his film, The Fearless Tiger, when he accidentally met Bolo. During their conversation, Mehri got impressed by his talking style, physique, and personality and decided to make a film with him in the future. He kept his promise, and both of them worked together in several movies, including Tiger Claws, Tiger Claws 2, and TC 2000. 

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In an interview, Bolo proclaimed that he feels delighted when he witnesses the love audience has for him even after he has left the industry. He gave credit for his success to his movie Enter the Dragon. Furthermore, he thanked his audience for being a constant pillar of support to him.


Bolo Yeung 2020 was born in 1946 in China. At the age of 10, he started his training in martial arts. After martial arts, he made his career and bodybuilding, and he did make his special place in bodybuilding. He has held the Hong Kong bodybuilding champion title for about 10 years. This man deserves applause for his career. 


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