Every few years (in average 5-7) people change their living place. Some people move because they got a new job or they are moving in with their partner, others because of new family member and the need for bigger place. Many people move because of sad memories on their present home as well. Finally, some people even move because they are bored and want to change neighborhood to find new inspiration. But, the reason of removal doesn’t matter – when you decide to move, you need to buy a new place to stay and the question is whether it’s better to buy old or new house. The fact is that new houses are more expensive than old ones, but buying a new house also has some advantages. I would like to present some of them in this article.

Top 5 advantages to buying a new home:

1. Modernization

2. Warranty Service

3. Environmental friendly

4. Less unexpected costs

5. You can decide how your home will look like

1.) Less unexpected costs

Because the house is new, you can expect minimal maintenance costs for several years. Building companies will even give you warranty, so you don’t have to worry too much about some unexpected costs. On the contrary, when you buy old house, you never know what you get. You may require to spend a lot of money in the house because former owner didn’t maintain the house properly.

2.) You can decide how your home will look like

If you will buy your house before it will be completely built, you will be able to decide about some details, for example the color of walls, carpets and more.

3.) Environmental friendly

New houses are more environmental friendly, which in most cases means that monthly expenses (for example electricity) are lower than with older houses. In long run, this will save you a lot of money, not to mention the fact that you can even get tax credits for environmental friendly houses.

4.) Modernization

 Modern homes are designed and built with the several innovative trends, elements, and technology. With respect to design trends, lost spaces like two story foyers and family apartments are out and active created spaces meant to maximize every square foot are in. These plans incorporate spaces like walk-in closets, warehouse spaces (because you don’t know how badly you require warehouse space until you don’t own it, right?!), lofts designed with house offices and/or guest faculty in mind, and versatile messes (see our kitchens on Facebook!) designed to be “home base” – a space useful enough that mom/dad can prepare while the children are working on study, yet elegant enough that it’s helpful to entertaining visitors.

5.) Warranty Service

When buying a new house, not enough can be told about the satisfaction of knowing that if something bugs or requires a little tweaking, the one year warranty plan comes into action. In a re-sale house, if a issue arises, it’s totally up to you to fix and to give for.

As a proactive measure, new houses are examined at two various points following agreement. During these inspections, warranty specialists check the status of the house, as well as, repair any parts of concern. Although, it’s essential to mention that when purchasing new, it is not unusual to have zero things of concern or improvements in a home months or even years after arrangement.


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